Heaven Is A Halfpipe - Amy

Vintage Denim Jacket via Rokit, Fenchurch Tee c/o Bank Fashion, Topshop Dip Dye Shirt, Topshop Tartan Check Soft Trouser, Topshop Lilac Beanie, Vans Authentic

The skate trend is going to be so big this SS, we couldn't resist doing a second one almost instantly. In contrast to my first look, I wanted this one to be all about the colour, especially those in this amazing t-shirt from the new Fenchurch collection which you can buy here

The colours in the tee take me back to watching the skaters on Venice Beach a few summers ago but with an English January being a far cry from a Californian August, I needed to take on a winter twist to my inspiration so paired the bright summery tee with a pair of warm, burgundy tartan soft trousers and then an oversized jacket to contrast the slim trousers. A shirt around the waist and a beanie are key to this look and what an excuse to dig out one of my 100's of pairs of vans.. Especially as these came to Venice Beach with me!


  1. Awesome lipstick colour - what brand is it?x


    1. Hey! It's Revlon 'Black Cherry' :) x

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