Reading List: January

We hope you are enjoying these 'feature friday' posts! We are certainly lovinggg sharing something a little different with you all and we'd thought we'd share the love a little more this week by introducing you to the five bloggers who have absolutely nailed it this month.

We love looking to the catwalks for inspiration but it's the blogesphere that can really get the creative buzz going and these ladies bring their own unique twists to the trends that spark our outfit imagination and that of their well deserved followings.

Megan at Pages by Megan
Megan is probably the worst thing to happen to our wardrobes, ever. This mega babe has been a favourite of ours since we started blogging and we are so proud of the overly deserved success she got in 2014 - we can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for her! As our styles are quite different, it's lovely to obsess over a style crush together and Megan captivates us both with her 70's vibes and tomboyish charm. Bravo lady, bravo :)

Hannah at Hannahlouisef
Like us, Hannah is letting denim have it's moment this Spring/Summer and she is doing double denim better than we could ever dream of!

Lizzy at Shot From The Street
In this freeeezing cold, January weather we have complete coat envy of Lizzy who undoubtedly has the best outwear collection we have ever seen! Lizzy is our first point of call for slick street style and there is so much to learn from the way she wears her monochrome layers.

Charlotte at The Goodowl
Not only is Charlotte getting it right in the style stakes, her lifestyle posts are much to be desired too. Anyone that has us gawping over clothes and chocolate in one cute little package is always going to be at the top of our reading list.


Blind Date (Cinema) - Naomi

ASOS Multicoloured Fur & Crochet Top
Zara Leopard Boots
Ebay Necklace & UO Belt, c/o Pauls Boutique Suede bag

Valentines is fast approaching and whether you love it or hate it there's a style to suit your chosen evening of choice, even if that be alone slobbing out in your favourite PJ's! This is my 'Going To The Cinema' look!

For me this is a typical playful day to day look with lots of little details and patterns involved, I have worn to death the denim button up skirt and highly advise every girl to invest in one with the whole 70s and denim trends being so big this season. It's comfy, on trend and goes with everrytthiiinnggggg...

For my cinema look I styled it with a long sleeve crochet top from ASOS and statement printed jacket from our favourites PLT. I threw my fur scarf on for warmth and it brought all the colours together well. Don't forget the accessories as after all, it's valentines so finish of with a nice bag and jewellery and my favourite killer boots from Zara!

For the cinema you want to be comfortable yet still feel like you have made a little bit of an effort for your date/friend/boyfriend/husband - you never know you might get a cheeky snog on the back row!

Stay tuned for me 'night out' look coming up next week! What are you guys up to for Valentines? 


Blind Date (Bowling) - Amy

Pin Stripe Suit c/o Missguided (Blazer and Trousers), Zara Stripe Tee, Zara Colour Block Scarf, Florian London Red Bag, Topshop Magnum Boots

Personally, I always love getting to the end of January - easily the worst month of every year. The start of February feels like an even fresher start than the new year with a lot more to look forward to! This includes one of my favourite holidays, Valentines Day! Don't get me wrong, I can see why people find it awfully commercial and damn right depressing if you're not all loved up but any excuse to spread a little love is a good thing in my books! 

So with a bit of forward planning, we've put together some date night outfits for any stage of a relationship and my personal favourite for a first date is bowling! It's good hearted fun, and there's something to fill the gaps through any awkward silences unlike at a dinner date. Of course for any first date, you want to make all the effort without it looking like you've made any at all so a statement suit with a casual tee is the perfect way to do this! As a combo, this is an instant show stopper but once the jackets off, becomes a little more casual but still very chic

I wanted to add some colour to this look and red seemed like the perfect fit, pulled out of the scarf and with a little bag and lips

Whats your ideal first date? and who has one planned for the 14th?!


Glitter In The Air - Naomi

Day: c/o Motel Rocks Ice Cream Sequin Dress, Beyond Retro Lace Blouse, c/o Miss Guided Tan Jacket, H&M Hat, c/o Daniel Footwear Snake Boots

Night: c/o Motel Rocks Ice Cream Sequin Dress, Beyond Retro Floral Shirt, ASOS Floral Bag, ASOS Over The Knee Boots

 If it was up to me it would be sequins all year, and guess what 2015 is the year this happens! As soon as Christmas is over and January hits, everyone assumes it all plain jane and no sparkle until next December but there are still so many party pieces to work into your wardrobe.

We were asked by mega babes and TSOP faves to style up a key sequin piece in a day and night look. By day I went for some tactical layering by wearing my 70s lace blouse underneath the sequin dress then my MG jacket and fur gilet over it for warmth. I liked all the washed out colours and textures together and thought it worked well with snakey boots!

For night I wanted a warm and fun look so took a 60s angle with full on flower power shirt from Beyond Retro which has the most AH-mazing collar! It looked great under the ice cream colour dress and finished of with our super duper favourite ASOS embellished clutch. I'm not really a heel kind of girl so went for my over the knee boots for a night out feel.

How are you wearing your sequins in 2015? We would love to see how!


Glitter In The Air - Amy

Day Look - Sequin Dress c/o Motel, Asos Camel Shirt, Topshop Camo Tee, Boohoo Fedora, Silver Service Necklace, Topshop Magnum Boots

Night Look - Sequin Dress c/o Motel, Tosphop Frilly Jumper, New Look White Shirt, Primark Clutch, Daniel Footwear Heels

Say it after me, 'Sequins are for life, not just for Christmas'. The ever-wonderful ladies at Motel set us the task of bringing sequins into our new season wardrobes in our latest style challenge. We decided to go for a day look and a night look to show you just how versatile sequins can actually be, and let's face it, January is so dull and gloomy, we could all do with a little glitz to lift our spirits!

I am getting a little too obsessed with the military trend that's doing the rounds at the moment (check back wednesday and thurs for more!) but I thought this was a nice way to toughen up this sequin dress for the day time. The camo tee underneath turns the low v neck into a more wearble day option and the shirt belted over the top gives a tomboyish feel without losing a feminine figure.

Of course this super sexy dress can do all the talking on a night out, but if, like me, you're a little self conscious and not stupid enough to go out in the British arctic conditions without a few layers, this dress can be worn as a cute skirt with the same glittery impact. This statement jumper (one of those beauts that's been in your Save For Later list that magically goes into sale!) provides all the jazz and warmth you could need but I had to add a collar for comfort needs.

How are you wearing your sequins this spring? Check out Motel's selection here!