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Everyone likes to be a little bit nosey right? It's coming up to two years since we started TSOP and don't feel we've really shared just a few little insights into who and what we are. We don't believe you can truly know someone over the internet but we would like to give a personal touch to our blog this year, and this has to start with the basics! Welcome to the worlds of Amy, Naomi and Two Shoes One Pair

1 - I am a mama to a very beautiful little one year old called Ivy. Ivy has complex medical problems so I am her full-time carer and we live with my wonderful mum.

2 - I regularly dress me and Ivy in head to toe matching outfits. I have no shame in doing so and will continue to until she refuses (hopefully never)

3 - When I was a little one, I used to flat lay my outfits for the following day at the end of my bed before I went to sleep - I have always been addicted to outfit building and I am obsessive about matching colours.

4 - I didn't go to University and don't regret the decision at all, I genuinely love working and put my heart and soul in to everything I do.

5 - I love love love music - I can play the piano and a bit of guitar and have an extremely infamous iPod full of Brand New, Bowie and every 80's pop hit ever.

6 - Along with music, I like to try ('try' being key) anything and everything that's a little bit creative and would choose an evening of knitting over a nightclub any day.

7 - I have 13 tattoos and a septum piercing hidden away! I can't wait to start getting tattooed again when I stop bf'ing Ivy.

8 - My style icon is Fearne Cotton - loves a bit of high street with a rocky edge, my kinda girl. I firmly believe we should be friends.

9 - I have an unhealthy obsession with Paperchase/stationery in general.

10 - My dear grandma used to tell me 'peace at any price' and I will forever live by those words x

- I am engaged to my partner Ben who I have been with for 5 years, and we are getting married in Ireland next year! EXCITING :-)

2 - I have the most beautiful dog in the world called Roxy!

3 - I work for Beyond Retro head office as Online Creative Content Manager.

4 - I'm obsessed with festival season - roll on Glastonbury!

5 - Also like Amy I am obsessed with outfit planning and often plan my outfits for the week on a Sunday (totally obsessive!)

6 - I used to dance from aged 6-18 doing ballet, tap & Jazz and passed nearly all of my ISTD Grades!

7 - I am totally obsessed with colour, pattern and texture and generally anything busy- I swear I was born in the wrong era!

8 - I got a 1st in my degree at Birmingham City University on my course Fashion Management.

9 - I have 2 tattoos - one on my hand and one on my left foot.

10 - I live with my beautiful flat mates Ben, Roxy, Kourtney and Greg in London and together we could probably rule the world with all our different skills and careers!

1 - We met whilst working for Topshop in London, we were the Creative dream team in charge or windows, mannequins, props and styling.

2 - We were both born and bred in Oxfordshire, just the opposite ends..

3 - Did you know we wrote 2 pieces a week for Yahoo Lifestyle? Check them out here!

4 - We have won 2 awards since starting TSOP - Highly commended for Company Blog Awards and Team Choice Winners at ASOS FF Awards 2014!

5 - We started the blog in March 2013!

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  1. Loved reading this! I want to do more blogging for Adorned and this would be a lovely one for me and mama to do together :D


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