Blog And The City: 'A City Full Of Wardrobes'

This week we were lucky enough to have a column published about 'Two Shoes, One Pair' on blogandthecity.net. This was very exciting for us and great publicity for our new blog.
Amy's beautiful words describe the reasoning and story behind our blog perfectly (isn't she wonderful with words!) Have a look at the column for yourself HERE or read below.
LONDON – The city where all your hopes and dreams could come true – but even if they don’t, at least you’d have had a lot of fun trying. Yes, talking about London. Surprisingly, we are both 2 girls from rural Oxfordshire who were not to meet until becoming a styling duo in a Topshop Flagship in Central London, only to be cruelly ripped apart by promotions. As young, driven, confident women, we decided not to let Hyde Park or busy schedules separate the two of us and have continued to work together for our own sakes, so Two Shoes, One Pair was born. We both have eclectic styles, we both like to experiment and neither of us are afraid to try something a little out of our comfort zone but we stay true to ourselves, are confident with our own identities and enjoy adding those unique little twists to London’s fashion trends. We can revel in the wonders of Topshop Oxford Circus, get lost in vintage bargains on Brick Lane, aspire to Sloane Street, awe at the Selfridges window, spend Sundays wondering in Notting Hill – In a city full of opportunities, characters, excitement and wardrobes, it’s easy to be inspired by everyone and everything around us – and not only are we inspired but we get to inspire too. But the best thing? That we influence and inspire each other.

Amy and Naomi - Two Shoes, One Pair

A big THANK YOU to all who follow and read our blog it makes everything worthwhile knowing you all enjoy it as much as we enjoy writing it!

Love Naomi and Amy x


Going Away To College - Naomi

New Look Varsity Jacket £15 (sale), Topshop Grey Sweat £22, Charity Shop White Shirt £4, Topshop Elephant Earrings £12.50, Topshop Yellow Pleated Skirt £65, Topshop Polka Dot Pop Sock £4, Topshop Reflect Sandals £70, Ebay Transparent Clutch £11

I never thought I would learn to love varsity so much, but since finding this jacket this week I realised I can chuck it over most outfits and be good to go! I love the contrast of wearing a floral or aztec print under the jacket- you can be really experimental to make it look you.
The jacket has leather sleeves which makes it feel premium and has an 'A' patch on it which in my eyes clearly stands for AWESOME! If you are looking for a varsity jacket head to Topshop, Miss Guided or for vintage head to Rokit or Beyond Retro and pick up a truly original one!

For this look- a grown up way to wear varsity I went for a crisp white shirt with a speckled grey sweat over it which has the smart but casual element to it. I originally planned to wear a tailored trouser with this outfit but it didn't feel me, I like feeling girly and this skirt makes me feel just that!
Plus it meant I could add a little detail on my feet with the polka dot socks and a barely there sandal. I'm sorry for using my transparent clutch AGAIN- but it proves it really is a fantastic buy and goes with everything. I will put it down in the next few posts! To make it extra Naomi I added my new Topshop elephant earrings which I was lusting over in my last weeks style post! I always feel unfinished if I don't have a statement piece of jewellery on and I think these add just enough bling and sophistication to the outfit.

I felt very confident in this outfit and think it would be perfect for work or shopping with friends- varsity has sure won me over this season! If you don't fancy a varsity jacket then buy into the trend with a beanie, slogan varsity tee/sweatshirt or even as simple as sewing your own initial patch onto a old denim jacket or sweatshirt.

Be ready for the 'College Of Style' this summer and look the very best on campus!

Going Away To College - Amy

Topshop Varsity Jacket, Topshop Geometric Burn Out Shirt, Topshop Gold Bead Sweater, Topshop Black Leigh Jeans, Topshop Andre Boots

First of all, sorry once again for having an outfit overloaded with Topshop! Despite being paid to be a 'Brand Ambassador' I do shop in other places, I promise.

I could't resist buying the varsity jacket from my wishlist last week! As I said, I liked the calmer colours in this one compared to the H&M one I already own so decided I wanted to do a bit more of a 'grown up' look with this one, rather than the fun clashing colours of School Daze. I wanted to keep the jacket as the main focus so kept a monochrome palette for the rest of the outfit but used little details like the geometric burn out on the collar, gold beading on the jumper and playing with a pop of colour by matching my lips to the 'A' to add some interest.

It just goes to show the varsity jacket really is this seasons must have item! And it's not too difficult to dress up and dress down, depending on own style preferences.

How would you wear the varsity jacket?


Naomi's Week In Style

Another week and another endless list of things I NEED in my life/wardrobe! 
This week there was no shortage of things to talk about- there is so much good product in the stores at the moment coming through for summer (if we actually get one!)

 1. George at Asda Eye Shirt, £18
I saw this shirt in Look magazine the other day and ordered it straight from Asda online. At £18 I expected a cheap feeling fabric but the quality of the shirt is fantastic! A silky material and beautiful shape with it being slightly longer in length than an average shirt. I couldn't wait to put it on so I am wearing it today under my Topshop Boutique Leather Pinafore. Such an easy wear! I plan on wearing it under my denim dungarees and open over a bralet and high waisted jeans. Keep your eyes peeled next week for my how to wear it!

2. New Look Black Varsity Jacket, £15
I don't usually shop in New Look but wondered in when I was staying with my family this week and saw this jacket in the sale for £15! I have been after a more premium feel varsity jacket and planned on buying the black leather one from Topshop for £65 but at £15 I have saved myself some serious pennies!
The jacket is amazing quality and has faux leather sleeves which makes it feel more grown up. 
I love wearing it with a floaty skirt, socks and boots for a college chic look. Check out the blog this weekend for how I wore my new Varsity jacket.

3. Miss Guided Leather Runner Shorts, £18
Miss Guided has some fantastic product at the moment & I have seen these runner shorts recently on lot's of blogs and in magazines. They are fantastic for adding a sport luxe feel to any outfit and still feel premium with the faux leather material. They can be dressed down with a jumper, varsity jacket, beanie and boots or dressed up with a heeled boot, silky top and blazer. A definite must have for this season!

4. D&G Soldier Print & Pom Pom earrings
I adore what D&G have done with their recent collection. The gorgeous soldier prints they have used on matching 2 pieces and dressed and the pom pom earrings which have a nordic feel to them, I have seen some copies of these coming through on the high street which I will blog about when I see. I might even be tempted to make my own!

5. Etsy Vintage Elephant Crop Top, £32
I love anything heavily printed with a indian or african influence. This crop top with elephants printed on it is so original and handmade. Perfect for this summer's Safari trend and think it would look perfect for holiday teamed with some high waisted shorts and tribal jewellery. 

6. Naked Preacher Daisy Crop Top ASOS Marketplace, £18
Daisies are hot on everything this summer and I absolutely adore this handmade black crop top which has a daisy chain round the neck and frill bottom. Think it would look gorgeous with a white sleeveless shirt underneath and a high waisted jean. A very talented fellow Topshop Creative makes these so be sure to check her out on ASOS Marketplace just search nakedpreacher.

7. Runway Dreamz Pom Pom Shorts, £75
Aren't these rich prints absolutely stunning! I would love a pair or each print but at £75 they don't come cheap. They are absolutely perfect for the festival season and the pom poms add a really bohemian feel to them. I can't wait to rock these with a hat, sunnies, boots and a fringed kimono this summer!

8. Nasty Gal Vintage Kimono, £110
If you haven't checked out the vintage section on nastygal.com then you are seriously missing out! The vintage gems are pricey but they handpick the best of the best and have some really stunning pieces including this gorgeous Kimono which I haven't stopped thinking about for days. at £110 it's expensive but for a statement vintage piece like this I think its worth every penny. Kimonos are perfect for going out in England. I tend to wear a short and crop top/bralet/leotard when I go out and this would be perfect to throw on over the top to keep me warm but not ruin my outfit. Would look fab on the beach over a bikini. It's a gorgeous piece and would look great layered up with lots of jewellery.

9. Ebay Transparent Gym Bag, £2
After my latest obsession with my transparent clutch bag I saw American Apparel have a transparent backpack which is amazing, but priced at £50 I wanted to find an alternative. I love Ebay and exactly for this reason. I searched transparent bag and this gym bag come up for £2! Obviously I won't be using it for gym equipment like above (if any of you were thinking what the hell is that!) It's an absolute bargain and bang on trend for this summers transparent accessory trend. This neon yellow plays a big part in my wardrobe at the moment. I can't wait to wear it with my matching yellow beanie, metallic silver jumper and runner shorts for an ultimate premium sports luxe outfit. 


Railroad - Naomi

Topman Green Checked Shirt, Topshop White Lace Dress, New Look Floral Pinafore Dress, Vintage Tan Belt, Topshop Boots, H&M black Hat

Check, floral, lace and denim- I'm sure you can all tick of that checklist in your wardrobe. Every year we see an early summer trend which is Pennsylvanian inspired and consists of floral, denim, check and lace. This year is no exception as Topshop have just launched 'Railroad' which I think is one of the most wearable and affordable trends if you want to look current this spring!

Raid through your wardrobe and pull out everything denim, lace, floral and check and layer it up, don't be scared of mixing prints and textures as it will add interest to your outfit. The colour palette of this trend tends to be quite bland so details in the lace and tan accessories will add interest and finish the look off.

This was for me a casual look so to make it feel a bit more 'Naomi' I threw on my hat and some heeled boots. But for work it looks just as good in some chunky black flat boots and a oversized denim jacket.
A good trend for the cold at the moment as you can really layer up with shirts and knitwear and it won't ruin your look.

Happy railroading fellow bloggers!

Naomi x


Railroad - Amy

Topshop Crochet Crop Jumper, Topshop Sleeveless Check Shirt, Topshop Floral Cord Dungarees, Topshop Belt, Topshop Ant Boots

All aboard! Welcome to my interpretation of Topshop's latest trend, 'Railroad Revival', the trend that just keeps on, well, reviving. You always know Summer's fast approaching (not fast enough I know) when Topshop starts to bring out 'festival-friendly' product, i.e denim and check shirts, lace bandeaus and the hottest of hot pants, all of which play a big part in this trend. However my favourite thing about this trend, is it can be worn all year around. Mix those textures, layer up, layer down, dig out those old pieces you forgot you had, chuck a shirt over it and you are good to go.

When putting this outfit together, my main focus was clashing textures and have gone for cord, crochet knit and flannel - traditionally more Autumn textures but as the weather improves so will my Spring wardrobe by using lighter fabrics and pastel tones.

Dungarees and check shirts may be a bit predictable for a railway inspired trend but the floral design on the jumpsuit gives the look a less traditional feel and evenly weights the balance between tomboy and girly girl in contrast with the check shirt. The jumper was for warmth more than anything but separates the clashing patterns and adds another layer of interest.


The A Team

Rokit Vintage Denim Jacket, Opening Ceremony Embroidered Letter Sweater, Topshop Embroidered Collar Blouse, Topshop Boutique Silk Shorts, Topshop Ant Boots, Naomi's Hat

As if it is April next week?! Me and Naomi had to endure the sleet and freezing temperatures to bring you these posts, yet that still didn't stop me from wearing shorts (nothing does)

On the bright side, the bitter weather does mean I can continue to revel in my ridiculously large jumper collection for a little while longer :) This beautiful jumper from Opening Ceremony is probably the most expensive item of clothing I own - I would never usually spend such a huge amount on just one item but I just fell head over heels in love with it from the moment I saw it and was lucky to receive it as a gift on my 22nd birthday. With this, price really does mean quality, something I've not really ever experienced before but everything from the knit to the intricate embroidery is just perfect and it's definitely more classic than trend so will never get left behind in the fast paced fashion world. I think I'd even go so far in saying that this is my favourite sweater ever, and trust me with a collection the size of mine that really is quite something

It is rare if I ever wear a sweater without a collar, so chose to go with the as equally delicate Topshop Embroidered Collar Blouse for a cute, girly vibe but quickly counteracted this with an oversized Vintage Denim Jacket that I picked up £10 in Rokit in Covent Garden. To keep quite a sleek feeling to the outfit, I finished the look with my staple Topshop Boutique Silk Shorts (I definitely have no fear of mixing navy and black) and Topshop Ant boots, that also sport a gorgeous design on the buckles to tie in all the little details.


3D Floral- Naomi

 Beyond Retro Floral Top, Primark Floral Diamond Necklace, Beyond Retro Floral Skirt, H&M Black Hat, Topshop Black Boots

I love texture and embellishment and when I came across this top in Beyond Retro I just couldn't resist. Very similar to the famous American Apparel one featured below it looks so beautiful on. 
Recently I have been inspired by the shoot called 'Darling Buds' that was featured in Look magazine beginning of March (last image) The texture, prints and overall looks are beautiful and have really encouraged me to play around with my look an outfits for summer. Clashing florals and textures can create beautiful girly outfits. 

I don' wear vintage half as much as I used to but it's finding gems like this top that make me find my love for it again. I love how you can always find a vintage version of something modern but it has little twists and originality it makes all the rummaging through everything worthwhile. This top has huge shoulder pads and billowing sleeves which gives it a really vintage look and a point of difference from the American Apparel version.

Raid your wardrobe get out all your florals and don't be afraid to clash them up and then add girly touches like a frilly sock and heel or sunglasses and a floral headband. Let's make our love for floral literally pop out this summer in 3D. 

Naomi x

American Apparel Floral Jumper

Look Magazine, 4th March 'Darling Buds' 


Amy's Week In Style

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue - definitely no marriage on the cards anywhere but I feel the phrase sums up what I am loving this week - enjoy!

1. Topshop Textured Slouch Biker Jacket - Spring may have well started (officially) but there is no way I can see past all this snow and cold weather we've been having. Maybe I can kick start some warmer weather with a bit of Sod's Law by purchasing this gorgeous coat, even if it is March.

2. Topman Denim Rainow Stitch Shirt - to me, having atleast one denim shirt in your wardrobe is compulsory, but there is no harm in a small collection either. I love the little twist of the rainbow buttons on this one from Topman, brightening up a staple with such a simple idea! I might even attempt a bit of DIY - watch this space.

3. Altamont Apparel Electric Wizzard - if modelling guys clothes with total babes isn't enough to make you want to buy this top, knowing the item is called Electric Wizzard certainly will. Altamont is an American skateboarding brand so I have never taken a lot of notice but this has really caught my attention - the perfect Spring/Summer top that can be dressed up with black skinnies and a clutch in the city or thrown over a bikini and shorts whilst on holiday.

4. Tee and Cake Shark Dress - I feel like this is maybe something I shouldn't like, but can't help but love. Animal motifs are huge at the moment and you are probably gathering pretty quickly that I can't resist a good print on a bodycon dress. I'd wear this with a white collar underneath and black boots

5. David Bowie Is, V and A Museum - IT'S HERE! The long and eagerly awaited exhibition finally opened at the V and A musem yesterday. Bowie is one of my biggest life influences and there is no denying the impact he has had on music, fashion and just pop culture in general. I'm lucky enough to work just 5 minutes away from the V and A so will be down there this week with bells on

6. Topshop Varsity Jacket - I like the calmer colours to this rather than the mad combo of purple and yellow on my H&M varisty from School Daze, and it has an A on it - right for me,

7. Topshop Clean Clip Backpack - I have not gotten over the backpack trend yet (mainly because I carry what feels like my life around with me everyday) but I feel for summer I need something cleaner and more premium yet still just as practical

8. Topshop Neppy Biker Waistcoat - This is probably shockingly smart for me but something about it  has meant it has made it's way to the top of my Payday wishlist (can't cope with 5 week months). It being sleeveless makes it perfect to carry straight through to summer when it finally gets here and it seems to have that edge to it that means it doesn't look overly dressy.

9. Lazy Oaf x Kickers - if anyone knows how to do a collab it's Lazy Oaf. With previous shoe collaborations with Underground Creepers and Jeffrey Campbell, they have recently paired up with Kickers and created 5 bloody amazing pairs of shoes. Definitely can't choose between these rainbow flatforms or the cute glittery pair! Check out all 5 designs over at lazyoaf.co.uk


Monochromatic - Amy

Primark Faux Leather Jacket, H and M Stripe Shirt, Topshop Polka Dot Dungarees, Naomi's Hat, Primark Necklace, Barry M Lipstick in Pillar Box Red (no 121), Topshop Amelie Boots

Sometimes, there is nothing like stripping it all back, keeping it simple in black and white. It's always tempting to inject some colour into our lives during these particularly grey days and the easiest way is through our wardrobes but there is something effortlessly cool about a monochrome outfit.

Usually one for loud colours and bold prints, I still cannot steer away from a good pattern clash even when I am trying to look a bit 'cooler'. I love mixing spots and stripes for contrast and the boyfriend shape and silk-like material of the shirt compliment the fun nature of the dunagree playsuit for a perfect day to night look.

I'm finally beginning to experiment with accessories! and for the first time ever have ventured out of the beanie comfort zone - however I couldn't resist brightening up the outfit a little with subtle colours coming through on my gem necklace, and a burst of bright red on my lips

Monochromatic - Naomi

H&M Black Hat, Topshop Gem Earrings, H&M Black & White Printed Blazer, H&M Mesh Jersey Top, Charity Shop White Shirt, Frock On Vintage Black Pleated Maxi Skirt, Beyond Retro Leather Belt, Ebay Transparent Clutch Bag, Topshop Heeled Boots,

Since working at Topshop I have been converted to bright colours and print but sometimes a monochrome outfit makes the most amount of impact!
Black and white gives a premium and boutique feel, so any day you are stuck for what to wear then think 'If in doubt wear monochrome!' You can never go wrong in black and white and will always look clean and ready to take on your day! 

For me this look was all about the blazer I have hardly ever worn this stunning piece brought from H&M a few years ago but the print and shape is really cool! Originally I planned to just wear the shirt underneath it but I added in my H&M netted jersey top which I think really compliments the print in the blazer and adds texture to the look. The pleated skirt was one of my best vintage buys for £20- I adore the fabric and the way it wafts when I walk making me feel ultra feminine! The good thing is with a monochrome outfit is you can indulge in oversized and statement accessories and it won't look to busy. 
I wore my hat to top of the premium feel, oversized studded gem earrings in black and white which I purchased in the last sale from Topshop and haven't put down since and finally my transparent clutch bag which is a big part of my life at the moment!

I love this look and you can tell by my smile I felt extremely comfortable and happy shooting it-
despite the fact It was also about -5 outside and 20 mile an hour winds in central London when we shot this yesterday hence the windswept look going on! 
The show must go on!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, 
Naomi x 


Way To Wear Céline T-shirt - Naomi

 Céline Tshirt, H&M Aztec Textured Jacket, Zara Red Necklace, Beyond Retro Black Leather Belt, Ebay African Print Shorts, Ebay Transparent Clutch Bag, H&M Felt Hat, Topshop Aggro Patent Studded Boot, Vintage Gold Round Sunglasses

Everyone has gone crazy for the famous Céline t-shirt which has recently featured in many famous blogs/ magazines and has been worn by style enthusiasts all over the world. What I love about it, is it can be dressed really slick with a tailored trouser or blazer or it can be styled with clashing prints/ to a certain trend. It's so iconic and simple that for me it's a fun style challenge to dress it up in different ways. 

I wore it here just as I imagined it pre owning - as a safari inspired look and mixed it with clashing prints (typical me!) I think it works really well and adds texture and depth to the outfit. 
Again it's all in the accessories to compliment the prints- very on trend transparent clutch bag which I just can't get enough off (sorry if I keep using this everyone!) Statement Zara necklace, hat, shades and a belt! Wow you would think thats over accessorised...But for me it's just enough busy for this outfit to give it that wow factor. 
I hope you all enjoy the look as much as I enjoyed shooting it- stay tuned for Amy's way to wear the  Céline t-shirt next week!

 Today Amy and myself braved the freezing cold wet weather to shoot 3 new looks for the blog.... Now thats dedication! We will post over the weekend so be sure to keep checking in at 'Two Shoes One Pair' for your ultimate style fix.

Naomi x