Going Away To College - Naomi

New Look Varsity Jacket £15 (sale), Topshop Grey Sweat £22, Charity Shop White Shirt £4, Topshop Elephant Earrings £12.50, Topshop Yellow Pleated Skirt £65, Topshop Polka Dot Pop Sock £4, Topshop Reflect Sandals £70, Ebay Transparent Clutch £11

I never thought I would learn to love varsity so much, but since finding this jacket this week I realised I can chuck it over most outfits and be good to go! I love the contrast of wearing a floral or aztec print under the jacket- you can be really experimental to make it look you.
The jacket has leather sleeves which makes it feel premium and has an 'A' patch on it which in my eyes clearly stands for AWESOME! If you are looking for a varsity jacket head to Topshop, Miss Guided or for vintage head to Rokit or Beyond Retro and pick up a truly original one!

For this look- a grown up way to wear varsity I went for a crisp white shirt with a speckled grey sweat over it which has the smart but casual element to it. I originally planned to wear a tailored trouser with this outfit but it didn't feel me, I like feeling girly and this skirt makes me feel just that!
Plus it meant I could add a little detail on my feet with the polka dot socks and a barely there sandal. I'm sorry for using my transparent clutch AGAIN- but it proves it really is a fantastic buy and goes with everything. I will put it down in the next few posts! To make it extra Naomi I added my new Topshop elephant earrings which I was lusting over in my last weeks style post! I always feel unfinished if I don't have a statement piece of jewellery on and I think these add just enough bling and sophistication to the outfit.

I felt very confident in this outfit and think it would be perfect for work or shopping with friends- varsity has sure won me over this season! If you don't fancy a varsity jacket then buy into the trend with a beanie, slogan varsity tee/sweatshirt or even as simple as sewing your own initial patch onto a old denim jacket or sweatshirt.

Be ready for the 'College Of Style' this summer and look the very best on campus!


  1. awesome outfit!


  2. Transparent reticule is awesome I see it on many blog now, so I must have it.

  3. Anonymous30.3.13



  4. Nice outfit!
    I bought the same jacket on sales :)

  5. Wow it's nice outfit i realy love this outfit ....
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