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TIW is the ultimate fashion-sharing website, brought to you by the people behind The Mail, You magazine and Metro. An interactive fashion forum, with a constantly updated Editor’s Blog, TIW is for women who like sharing their outfit choices and enjoy looking at what others are wearing. It’s revelatory, inspirational - your mum may have told you not to wear black with navy, but we’ve got a flat ban on style rules here on TIW – and you don’t have to be a model with a designer wardrobe to join in. Although those are, of course, welcome too. They are based in Britain, but they love to see users from all over the world. Follow them on Facebook, Today I’m Wearing, on Twitter @TIWfashion and Pinterest: tiwfashion
Visit TIW now at www.todayimwearing.com or download the Iphone App and get posting!

Over the last 2 weeks I have been posting everyday through the app as it's so quick and easy to snap and upload and share all your looks. I find it really inspirational for my own outfit choices- seeing what other people are wearing and how they are styling it!
Last week I won 'Style Star Of The Week' and a brand new Panasonic Lumix Digital Camera which I am over the moon about! Check out the feature they post about me HERE 
Also If you liked our previous post called 'Lichtenstein' which was about about Comic girl style like our favourite Cara Delevingne then check todays post on the TIW blog called 'TRENDING- Comic Print' HERE for more on how to wear this look)

Now for your chance of winning your own Panasonic digital camera and to get involved sign up to TIW today and download the App!

Follow Amy on username (amyr05e) and me (Naomi Rowland)

Naomi x 

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