Way To Wear Céline T-shirt - Naomi

 Céline Tshirt, H&M Aztec Textured Jacket, Zara Red Necklace, Beyond Retro Black Leather Belt, Ebay African Print Shorts, Ebay Transparent Clutch Bag, H&M Felt Hat, Topshop Aggro Patent Studded Boot, Vintage Gold Round Sunglasses

Everyone has gone crazy for the famous Céline t-shirt which has recently featured in many famous blogs/ magazines and has been worn by style enthusiasts all over the world. What I love about it, is it can be dressed really slick with a tailored trouser or blazer or it can be styled with clashing prints/ to a certain trend. It's so iconic and simple that for me it's a fun style challenge to dress it up in different ways. 

I wore it here just as I imagined it pre owning - as a safari inspired look and mixed it with clashing prints (typical me!) I think it works really well and adds texture and depth to the outfit. 
Again it's all in the accessories to compliment the prints- very on trend transparent clutch bag which I just can't get enough off (sorry if I keep using this everyone!) Statement Zara necklace, hat, shades and a belt! Wow you would think thats over accessorised...But for me it's just enough busy for this outfit to give it that wow factor. 
I hope you all enjoy the look as much as I enjoyed shooting it- stay tuned for Amy's way to wear the  Céline t-shirt next week!

 Today Amy and myself braved the freezing cold wet weather to shoot 3 new looks for the blog.... Now thats dedication! We will post over the weekend so be sure to keep checking in at 'Two Shoes One Pair' for your ultimate style fix.

Naomi x 


  1. in in love with ur pants!!!!

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