Amy's Week In Style

If there is anything you must know about me, it's that has much as I buy and as hard as I try to exercise self control, my wishlists never ever ever get any shorter! Here are all the things I am lusting after this week :)

1. Topshop Awesome Jumper
I have been dying to get my hands on this ever since it first appeared in the new season imagery back in January and now it's getting to the stage where it's one of the only things from the campaign that hasn't hit down yet and I'm getting so impatient. Heads up the next couple of weeks as it's coming (very soon!) and will fly out of shores.

2. Topshop Petite Brettan Stripe Tee
A modern classic with a young edge - this is never going to go out of fashion but when worn rightdoesn't  need to look yummy mummy-ish. Bargain at just £15 and watch this space for an outfit post from last friday night

3. Barry M Gelly Nail Paints
I can't remember the last time I bought a nail polish that wasn't Barry M so it didn't take me long to try out the new Gelly range. The claim to be high shine, one coaters - you definitely need atleast two coats but they look so good, and no top coat needed! Usually £1 more expensive than the normal Barry M nail paints, I think they're worth it but get down to Superdrug where they are currently 2 for £6 in a variety of gorgeous colours.

4. Topshop Cream Lace 60's Shift Dress
I am off to wedding in mid April and after fannying around with what I want to wear, I have settled on this gorgeous number. What is wedding proticol if the bride isnt wearing white? I will wear it with a pastel pink, mint of lemon sheer blouse underneath and bright jewellery.

5. Topshop 86 Tee
Another item from the imagery that has come back instock after flying out first time around. I am 5'7 and this is definitely dress and not oversized tee length and I bought a S/M.

6. Topshop Lace Embellished Neckline Blouse
Very different for me (2 bits of lace in one week!) but I couldn't resist this beautiful, vintage looking piece. Another classic piece without looking too plain

7. Topshop Mickey Tee
I'm not going to lie, I love a good disney motif and after being so good at not buying the black version that came out a month or so ago I couldn't resist this one! I am loving the shape of this roll sleeve crop tee which comes in various plain colours and an even bigger amont of slogans. I can;t wait til summer to wear them without anything underneath

8. Topshop Swallow Sunglasses
Incase it's ever sunny in England, I have my eyes on these.

9. Topshop Aubrey Boots
I love a good cut out boot and however much I realise many of Topshop's versions look very similar to JC's, I can't help but prefer the design of Topshop's, let alone the price tag. These are just £75 but look so similar to my Anchor boots, I'm trying to restrain myself

10. Lazy Oaf Mr and Mrs Dress
I loveeeee Lazy Oaf at the best of times - they are one of the few brands other than Topshop that I will continuously buy from but their latest collection is possibly their best yet. After seeing the campaign, I was desperate to see the pieces for real and so headed down to their new shop launch party last week which was so fun! As I said, I can't resist a disney slogan so this dress stood out to me as my fave instantly, but the whole collection could have come on this wishlist!

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