Blog And The City: 'A City Full Of Wardrobes'

This week we were lucky enough to have a column published about 'Two Shoes, One Pair' on blogandthecity.net. This was very exciting for us and great publicity for our new blog.
Amy's beautiful words describe the reasoning and story behind our blog perfectly (isn't she wonderful with words!) Have a look at the column for yourself HERE or read below.
LONDON – The city where all your hopes and dreams could come true – but even if they don’t, at least you’d have had a lot of fun trying. Yes, talking about London. Surprisingly, we are both 2 girls from rural Oxfordshire who were not to meet until becoming a styling duo in a Topshop Flagship in Central London, only to be cruelly ripped apart by promotions. As young, driven, confident women, we decided not to let Hyde Park or busy schedules separate the two of us and have continued to work together for our own sakes, so Two Shoes, One Pair was born. We both have eclectic styles, we both like to experiment and neither of us are afraid to try something a little out of our comfort zone but we stay true to ourselves, are confident with our own identities and enjoy adding those unique little twists to London’s fashion trends. We can revel in the wonders of Topshop Oxford Circus, get lost in vintage bargains on Brick Lane, aspire to Sloane Street, awe at the Selfridges window, spend Sundays wondering in Notting Hill – In a city full of opportunities, characters, excitement and wardrobes, it’s easy to be inspired by everyone and everything around us – and not only are we inspired but we get to inspire too. But the best thing? That we influence and inspire each other.

Amy and Naomi - Two Shoes, One Pair

A big THANK YOU to all who follow and read our blog it makes everything worthwhile knowing you all enjoy it as much as we enjoy writing it!

Love Naomi and Amy x


  1. u r always perfect! im jealous!!

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