Stitched Up - Naomi

Beyond Retro Maxi Dress
c/o Glamorous Crochet Waistcoat
c/o Boohoo Sunglasses, c/o Smashglam Bag


With bohemian vibes for SS15 dominating the high street details like embroidery and embellishment are fast becoming staples in our wardrobes whether it's on tops, dresses or accessories it's everywhere and I for one could not be happier!

I picked up this dress from Beyond Retro a few weeks ago and I absolutely love all the detail on it, I love floaty bohemian dresses and this is the one for me! I layered it with a green crochet waistcoat from favourites Glamorous for a spring ready look.

If your looking for this style head to Zara - its my favourite place to go at the moment for gorgeous folk blouses and detail that get me very excited!

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Stitched Up - Amy

Topshop Boutique Patchwork Denim Shirt, Embroidered Chambray Smock Dress c/o Glamorous, Vintage Scarf, Topshop Magnum Boots

With all the fringing and suede around at the moment, we seem to be forgetting one of the other key pieces to the 70's boho trend - the embroidered dress. These beautifully detailed summer staples are a great way yo carry the trend from the transitional stages of the season right through to the height of summer and beyond as they are super easy to layer up and down as needed. 

I fell in love with the chambray material of this dress and the elaborate stitching on the front, hem and cuffs are seriously show stopping. In the summer, this dress will be perfect with a little wasistcoat so none of that embroidery is lost but as the weather's still a little temperamental I wanted to wear something a bit heavier. The patchwork denim textures work perfectly with the chambray and add a slight urban feel to the folk style dress. I then added a vintage scarf to continue the 70's/tonal themes of the outfit.


A Field Of Yellow Daisies - Naomi

ASOS Green Hat, c/o Smashglam Necklace 
Boohoo Clutch Bag, H&M Striped Rollneck

Spring has well and truly sprung and what better way to celebrate than with florals, groundbreaking! If you saw Amy's post yesterday you would of read about our influence for this post which was a feature in Look Magazine a few weeks ago on styling florals with stripes. We absolutely LOVED this feature and wanted to try it ourselves!

Every girl has stripes and florals in there wardrobe of some sort so it's an easy trick to jazz up your Spring ensembles. I am Swooning over this Topshop jumpsuit which has such a vintage feel to it and it worked perfectly with a simple striped roll neck underneath. I accessorised the outfit with a bright striped clutch with statement necklace. Not forgetting to finish of with my favourite Orla Kiely heels! 

Why don't you try mixing up these 2 statement prints and have some fun this Spring! We would love to see the results @twoshoesonepair  


A Field Of Yellow Daisies - Amy

Topshop Floral Blouse, H&M Stripe Shirt, Topshop Zip Front Skirt, Prada Cinema Sunglasses c/o Red Hot Sunglasses, Primark Bag, Topshop Magnum Boots

Florals and Stripes - two of the most staple prints in any girls wardrobe but sometimes they can be a little tricky to work into on-trend looks. We are constantly on the look out to find inspiring and updated ways to wear both of these classics and we were completely wow-ed by an editoral in Look a couple of weeks ago when they paired the unlikely duo together and it worked perfectly.

The key to nailing this look is to firstly find a fresh looking floral. This beautiful daisy print with retro yellow/orange-y vibes actually has that exact SS15 feel but not like anything else we've seen on the high street at the moment. I went for the blouse (not quite brave enough to go for the jumpsuit!) and continued the modern/vintage theme with this zip up, scuba skirt that matched the colour palette nicely to the whole outfit wasn't too wild. I then slipped the stripes in with one of my favourite shirts.

What do you think of this daring pattern clash?


Tips and Tricks - Spring Cleaning

As bloggers/women, our wardrobes can sometimes get pretty overwhelming. It's all very well staying on trend each season but it's scary just how fast clothes can accumulate and before you know it your having a fight with chest of drawers and a bigger fight with your boyfriend about the 90:10 split of the storage space.. oops! But a nice sift through your belongings can leave you feeling cleansed, inspired by that long lost top that was lurking under a few dozen coats and even better, it could leave you quids in.

We are firm believers in 'never having enough clothes' but we also think you should be making the most of your wardrobe too! So here are our favourite tips and tricks to get your spring cleaning sorted

1. Do a sift at the start of every season, just as you seen new trends emerging. You never know what has miraculously come back in again, and regular 4-yearly rummages can keep you on top of your stash.

2. We're all guilty of buying and never wearing! We give our new bits and pieces the 3 month challenge and if it's still unworn by then, it's a fond farewell to a better home.

3. With any 'unsure' items, make 3 outfits with it, all from things in your 'definitely keep' pile and if you can't, let it go. You never know what amazing combinations you discover doing this!

4. Get super organised, and we mean super! Order and categorise your rails by style/type/trend whatever takes your fancy (make it more fun with jazzy hangers for each category too) so you know where to look when you create an outfit. You'll soon start to realise where your favourites are coming from and automatically means you can buy anything else for that category completely guilt free ;)

5. Clue up! Bloggers Press Day posts give you 6 months advanced warning on what's gunna come around again and magazine's are pretty ahead of the trends too. Being in the know will stop you chucking anything that you may later regret.

Living in London means limited amount of storage and wardrobe space for the majority of women! The thing I always struggle with is where to put my winter coats come Spring. They can probably fill a wardrobe themselves and I always ending collecting more each season... 

I decided that this spring I would look at an easy alternative and store them away until Autumn to make room for my spring summer wardrobe. I came across Boxman online a London based service that deliver, collect and return your boxes whenever you need for only £5 a month for a box. It's a stress free service and the drivers were very helpful and friendly. They also work until 9pm on weekdays and work Saturdays so handy if you need to use the service out of work hours. When the boxes are collected you can organise them online by naming them, uploading photos and tags so it's easy to know where your items are and in which box. So handy! 

I fit around 6/7 thick winter coats in each box (the boxes are pretty big) and used 4 boxes for all of my coats and winter accessories. I feel so much better for de-cluttering and I have used the space wisely to make room for my Spring ensembles! All round it was a great stress-free service that I highly recommend! 

Check out more and order your boxes from Boxman online at www.boxman.co.uk

We all like to sell clothes to make money for more clothes and Depop is definitely our favourite way of doing this! With an interface similar to Instagram, the easiest upload process I've ever used and no unexpected monthly fees, I think it's far more user friendly than other well-known selling sites.

I upload when and where I can find time without being tied into auction end times and the personal interaction with your buyers and sellers you know your items are going to someone who really loves the item and this makes me really happy!

You  can shop our depop HERE! and searching @twoshoesonepair

What are your failsafe ways to keeping your wardrobe under control?


Chess - Naomi

c/o Miss Guided Monochrome Blazer

With all the talk of 70s at the moment we thought we would take a moment to appreciate 60s and style up our new favourite checked dresses. I found this checked swing dress in Beyond Retro Brick Lane a few weeks ago and just had to have it! The short length and swing shape is so perfect and it was so easy to style with a roll neck and monochrome blazer.

The first time in the year I have braved a bare leg but with a black boot and sunnies making this look perfect for the pub or dinner. It's that funny in between seasons at the moment where it's like what the hell do I wear, so clever layering using roll necks and light jackets will make sure were sorted until summer!

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