Blind Date (Cinema) - Naomi

ASOS Multicoloured Fur & Crochet Top
Zara Leopard Boots
Ebay Necklace & UO Belt, c/o Pauls Boutique Suede bag

Valentines is fast approaching and whether you love it or hate it there's a style to suit your chosen evening of choice, even if that be alone slobbing out in your favourite PJ's! This is my 'Going To The Cinema' look!

For me this is a typical playful day to day look with lots of little details and patterns involved, I have worn to death the denim button up skirt and highly advise every girl to invest in one with the whole 70s and denim trends being so big this season. It's comfy, on trend and goes with everrytthiiinnggggg...

For my cinema look I styled it with a long sleeve crochet top from ASOS and statement printed jacket from our favourites PLT. I threw my fur scarf on for warmth and it brought all the colours together well. Don't forget the accessories as after all, it's valentines so finish of with a nice bag and jewellery and my favourite killer boots from Zara!

For the cinema you want to be comfortable yet still feel like you have made a little bit of an effort for your date/friend/boyfriend/husband - you never know you might get a cheeky snog on the back row!

Stay tuned for me 'night out' look coming up next week! What are you guys up to for Valentines? 


  1. Great date outfit! I LOVE how you always clash prints so perfectly - I need some serious tips! Another single Valentines day for me ha-ha, get the violins out LOL xx


  2. Very interesting prints! But it looks great! Love the button up skirt.

    Made in Mauve

  3. two shoes one pair.That is the coolest title I've ever heard.All of your fashion sense is so cool.. button up denim mini skirt, leopard boots.Nice choice..Thanks for sharing..

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