Trend Inspo: Seventies

To all our wonderful readers; it's always nice to steer our little corner of the internet into something new and with 2015 we want to really remind ourselves, and share with you guys!, what TSOP is all about and that is trends. We love replicating our favourite catwalk looks into our own interpretations and we want you to see where we get our inspiration from so welcome to our fornightly friday posts - Trend Inspo. 

With Spring/Summer 15 in our sights, we're already getting excited for the season ahead especially for the biggie, the 70's. They're back, bigger, better and more bohemian than ever and it seems like the high street is already coming up with the goods. 

It doesn't have to me about the mad prints and colours, less is still more and going for key shapes and silhouettes allows you to revel in those all black outfits for just a little while longer this winter :)

Sleek and simple texture mixes are key - suede is going to be your new best friend for the next few months and earthy tones ease you into the colour palettes gently.

For those of you that are bolder and braver, it's all about clashing those prints! Floaty florals and geometric gems are great for layering up now in the winter months but will last you all the way through the festivals too.

For a real modern twist on the trend, mix your decades and give your 70's shapes and 60's edge like our favourite catwalk show, Henry Holland.

How are you stepping into the 70's? We hope this has inspired you to get investing!


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