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Bikini c/o Triangl Swimwear 
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I was asked by wonderful swimwear brand Triangl to do a review and did think it was mental in January but I am actually glad to cover some swimwear as I go to a Morocco in a few months! The bikinis are really cool with mismatching tops and bottoms. I love the use of metallic and net together and think they are the answer for fashionable girls on the beach! 

The packaging is super cute and it came with a matching silver bag for the bikini to go in which is so handy for the beach! I got size M in the top and bottom but could of done with an S in the top. I think its great you can choose sizes in both as if your like me I always have to get different sizes due to being slightly pear shape. The bikini is very thick and supportive fabric which means no getting out the pool with a saggy bikini bottom or them falling down! You get what you pay for- great quality and fit! 

I have showed the bikini in full at the top and got a bit creative with the last 2 images styling it up In a skate esq outfit which is bang on trend for SS14! I will definitely be rocking the bikini in a look like this over summer- the bikini top is actually a similar shape to the Alexander Wang bralets so I think it works great under a shirt like this!

Whatever your holiday plans for 2014 make sure you head to Triangl for your swimwear! 


  1. You skinny mini! This is gorgeous - love the sportswear trend on you! <3

  2. 1. I think it is really crazy you were considering how notify the 30 degress was... this is a issue. 2. I really like that your spouse didn't like your clothing, because a lot of periods my spouse doesn't like my clothing, and a lot of time those are the ones I like the most. 3. I am all about putting on a costume in the moment! 4. I am envious you purchased 3 sets of Shoes.

  3. Anonymous11.1.14

    Ah triangl bikinis are always amazing
    Lucia's Loves

  4. What is the size that you have buy?

  5. beautiful outfit.


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