Onwards and Upwards

After a hugely successful 2013, over here at TSOP we vowed to make sure 2014 was going to be even better for us, so what better excuse for a bit of a spruce up? We'll take any excuses for a make over! 

First in line was our domain name - if you hadn't already noticed, we have finally become www.twoshoesonepair.com! Even the simplest of changes make us so happy, and we are so proud that we felt our blog had earned its .com status (though I think I was more proud of making the actual switch as it's probably the most technologically advanced thing I've ever done) 

As well as a bit of a layout clean up, we've been lucky enough to have a brand new header designed for us by the extremely talented Kami Anderson please check her out at www.kamianderson.co.uk and on social @iamkamofficial for more of her amazing work! 

With all if this in place and some incredible collaborations happening in the very near future, we just wanted to take this oppotunity to thank you all for reading and supporting TSOP and making this so exciting for us 

Lots of love
Amy and Naomi 


  1. Love you two so much, looking forward to see your new posts xx


    1. Thank you so much - your comments always make us smile! X

  2. This is absolutely amazing! x


  3. The new header is amazing. The blog looks incredible and I'm so pleased for you. So many incredible new changes and exciting opportunities coming your way!

    Lots of love <3

  4. Love the new header!!!! :)

  5. beautiful new header, very creative and congratulations on the .com
    onwards and upwards i cant wait too see your blog grow xx


  6. The header is amazeballs!! Yaay to more growth



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