Flower Garden - Naomi

Beyond Retro Floral Dress
C/O Boohoo Floral Crown 
ASOS Floral Clutch Bag 
C/O New Look Heels 

The time of year has come around for lovely summer bbqs and garden parties and we could not be more excited! A time to embrace summery floral dresses and head garlands and feel oh so feminine! 

I have recently found the most wonderful pieces in Beyond Retro with my most favourite being this amazing floral dress which I picked up from the Soho store! It's perfect floaty and delicate shape with floral print Is perfect for parties in the sun! 

I went for full on floral with my oversized floral headband from boohoo which I thought added a really cute statement. My ASOS 3D floral clutch has came in use so many times already and I absolutely love the colours in it. I went for a dressy heel from New Look but I am equally comfortable in a small wedge or flat sandal in the summer months. 

what exciting occasions are you dressing up for this summer? 


  1. Love every part of this! you look amazing!! xxxx

  2. That dress is just stunning. I'd love it for a really glamorous dressing gown. How old-world would that be? Swan out onto the patio as a lady of leisure, with a cocktail in hand. Although, I'm not a lady of leisure and I don't even have a garden OR Patio for that matter!

    Katie <3

  3. oh wow that Beyond R dress is amazing x


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