Parklife - Amy

River Island Fedora via Asos, Primark Floral Headband, Vintage Waistcoat via Grandma, Topshop Crochet Knit Crop Jumper, Zara Stripe Draped Skirt, Boohoo Oversized Clutch, Topshop Jolie Boots

So it's finally here! Festival season 2014 is really kicking off now and just cos I haven't got tickets to anything this year (yet), it doesn't mean I'm not getting involved with the wardrobe madness! I'm being well and truly inspired by the multitude of festival fashion posts on Instagram this year from coachella all the way down to bloggers bedrooms - everyone is getting it so right this year.

I guess your typical festival style is definitely closer to Naomi on the fashion scale (queen of kimonos? Most certainly) but I'd like to think I've been heavily influenced without quite losing my signature look. The fedora and Breton stripes for one make this outfit so 'me' and I've definitely tried to play with textures rather than clashing loads of crazy prints. I couldn't resist borrowing this incredible waistcoat from my gorgeous Grandma though! I love the rich colours and vintage floral pattern - it's truly a unique piece!

To tie the outfit up neatly, I went for all back leather boots and clutch and felt the finishing touch was a floral garland to update my fedora 

Which festivals are you going to this year? If any? I can't wait to see what you're all wearing to them! 


  1. Such an amazing outfit! Totally festival appropriate if you ask me! Love that crochet top xx


    1. Thanks hun :) it was such a good find, it comes out year after year :) x

  2. Such an unexpected combination yet so amazing! Love the vest x

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    1. Thank you! I have my grandma to thank for the vest! What a babe!

  3. love love love! this outfit is pure together perfectly xxx

  4. Love this outfit!!! The mix of prints and textures work great together! Can't go wrong with a good hat for a festival look aha!


    Amy, X.

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