What's in Our Bags?

The contents of your handbag are pretty revealing aren't they? A girl's whole life is tucked up away in these seemingly magical accessories so we thought we'd share what we've got hiding in our brand new spanking Joy Handbags!

Bag space takes on a whole new meaning when you become a mother. Instead of hoarding around your own 'useful' items, you begin to hoard around your own and someone else's too. Changing bags are rarely attractive so I quickly reverted back to leather but after a year of a abuse I was very grateful to receive a new fashionable and sizable bag from Joy. So alongside nappies, change of clothes and childrens entertainment my handbag essentials are effectively a 'changing' bag itself. Flat shoes to escape the pain of heeled boots at a moments notice and then my favourite perfume and lippy to take me from mum to fun in no time at all. My asbolute handbag essential is by far a notebook though, it's always at the least convinient moment that I'll have a brainwave (blog idea/bog roll reminder) and Ivy's quite the artist too. 

Our new bags from Joy London are such a great size for an every day bag working in London. I always find I need lot's of space for the extra things you never know will come in handy, they always do! I always pack the essentials such as a little bit of make up and my deodorant for working long days and always some light reading so either a magazine or my Ipad for the tube to keep entertained. Sunglasses are a must to hide tired eyes and my Fujifilm because you never know when you need to snap something beautiful. I also tend to pop to an event after work so some jewellery is always great if you need to jazz up your day outfit to evening wear. What's your handbag essential? 

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