Starry Eyed - Amy

Asos Star Shirt, Asos Stripe Roll Neck Top, Topshop Button Down Skirt, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Topshop Magnum Boots

It seems like Stars are here to stay this season with the print taking the high street by storm in the last few weeks. To add to my ever growing collection, I had to have this incredible, show stopping blouse from Asos - orange is not a colour I'd usually jump at but this shirt just works and I adoreee it.

With the weather being a little bit hit and miss I have taken to layering light layers during the day and am loving a roll neck under a shirt, done up or open like this! Paired with the must have button up skirt and this is my go-to autumnal uniform.

How are your stars coming out this season?


  1. I was so tempted by the star shirt think you have now made up my mind! You look fab!


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