Sweet Tooth - Amy

Topshop Boutique Leather Jacket, Topshop Stripe Jumper, Topshop Dogtooth Skirt, Rodnik Snoopy Bag c/o Urban Outfitters, Clarks Chinaberry Boots

If there is one print that has got me hooked this season it's houndstooth, I cannot get enough of the stuff! With it's retro feel and ability to work with the rest of my wardrobe, I am constantly finding myself in a jumper/dress/trouser/anything I can get my mitts on to get that monochromatic insterest into my ootd!

When it comes to pure black and white, I always love to play with prints and texture and that's exactl how this outfit has come about. Stripes are always an essential, even more so than the houndstooth! so it's fab when you can get them to work together. Finished off with lots of leather makes this cool AND cosy with minimal monochrome effort


  1. Cute bag :)
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    Maria V.

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