Pushing Daisies - Amy

Primark Pu Biker Jacket, Topshop Burnout Daisy Tee, Marks & Spencer's Spotty Blouse via Mama's Wardrobe!, Topshop Boutique Silk Shorts, Freedom at Topshop Daisy Necklace, Topshop Yellow Frill Ankle Sock, Topshop Aubrey Boot

One of my favourite trends of this summer (and quite a few previously) has been the daisy craze. There is something about this cute little flower that fashion followers just can't get enough of in the warmer weather and we're no exception. The best thing is, you know it'll come back around again next Spring Summer, so buying into this trend will always be an investment rather than a fad, which is most definitely my go-to reason when I'm deciding if I really need new items or not!

The main piece in this outfit is the tee - 3 trends rolled up into one with pure white, burnout effect and daisy's being huge this SS. I bought this tee in an M/L as I wanted to wear it really oversized for this outfit but am looking forward to throwing it over dresses and shirts, tucking it into cute skirts or even using it as a cover up if it is ever warm enough for a bikini. 

I also wanted to use the most of the see through-ness of the burnout effect so wanted a patterned (but not too mad) blouse to go underneath so you got a hint of the pattern underneath and a cute collar to go with the tee. Where the top half has got a lot going on, I wanted to keep the bottom half pretty simple to opted for my boutique silk shorts for texture.

To really tie in the daisy theme, this necklace was perfect! and the yellow frill ankle socks give that extra  hit of yellow and look cute and girly, but not too cute and girly with a heavy boot and a biker.

Are you a fan of any daisy items? When the high street is offering summer dresses, motif tees, socks and daisy sunglasses! I'm sure there's something for everyone to love and create that cute feminine feeling to those summery outfits :)


  1. Amazing dress! The pattern is so gorgeous! Love the combination with the different pattern and I like your shoes also.

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