Garden Party: Part 1 - Amy

Zara Floral Shirt, Tophop 3D Floral Cami, Topshop Lace Dress, Floral Sunglasses via Ebay, Topshop Frilly Ankle Socks, Topshop Aubrey Boots

With these long summer's evenings at the moment, it is definitely the time to have a garden party :) Whether you prefer tea and cake or a beer and a barbie, it's time to embrace the outdoors, celebrate and most importantly - dress up :)

The first thing I think of when dressing up for a garden party is florals and after raiding Naomi's wardrobe and going crazy over her 3D skirt (how talented is she?!) we decided the first look should not just be about traditional florals, but all about texture.

If florals were my first thought when it comes to garden parties, lace is the obvious second so this light coloured floral lace dress was the perfect base for my outfit, as a more subtle and delicate texture. I then layered the white cami over it to tie in the 3D floral theme but again keeping the outfit very light in colour. The satin floral shirt was the perfect top layer with it's bright colours, luxe fabric but the shirt shape suited my style more with the rest of the outfit than a traditional jacket or blazer would. Due to it's more manly shape, I belted it in to give me a figure. 

The sunglasses keep the outfit fun (which parties are meant to be!), the socks keep the outfit cute and girly and the boots match the belt to give a traditionally feminine outfit a bit of an Amy-edge. Very much like the surroundings - a beautiful English Garden, with a wonderful twist.


  1. I love how quirky your style is! Your shirt is perfect!
    - Charlotte

  2. Your outfits are always so inspiring
    S xx

  3. I love this outfit!


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