Garden Party: Part 1 - Naomi

Topshop Lace Peter Pan Collar Dress, Topshop Premium Jacket, 3D Flower Skirt (handmade by me!) Primark Flower Diamond Necklace, EBay Flower Glasses, Topshop Ruffle Socks, Topshop Wedge Sandals

The inspiration for this post came from Selfridges recent window and from Amy and myself hunting through my wardrobe to come up with fresh ideas that we could do a wonderful post in! When pulling the outfits for the post I imagined a over the top Garden Party where clashing florals and layers of lace were the norm. 

Florals are something every girl has in her wardrobe and for us we had endless amounts to play with! We wanted this post to be fun, theatrical and totally over the top but still something that you guys can take inspiration and get ideas from. To prove that clashing florals and textures can create wonderful and interesting outfits! 

Where better to shoot than Brighton Palace Gardens...The stunning setting made a perfect backdrop for this look- a garden party we hope to get an invite for! 

For this look I finally got to wear my floral skirt which I actually handmade earlier in the year for a fancy dress costume. It took me 9 hours to hand stitch the flowers on and make the 3D floral masterpiece and I have loved it ever since. I love the lace with the florals so tucked my Peter Pan collar lace dress into the skirt and wore with my boucle glitter jacket which made it more grown up. Adding in a statement floral necklace, some super fun flower power glasses and toughened up with my black wedge sandals. 

This look wasn't based on a current trend it was just an idea we wanted to explore, style and have fun with and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed shooting it. How are you wearing florals this summer? We would you to share your floral fun with us! 


  1. Beautiful skirt! Would love to see a tutorial of how to make one like it.


  2. This skirt is absolutely gorgeous. I cannot believe that you hand made it yourself! Such a good effort x


  3. Wow what an outfit! You can pull off anything! Stunning lady.


  4. I am in love with your outfits dear! That skirt is amazing and the way you combined everything is perfect! Xx


  5. I am amazed that you actually made that skirt!
    S xx


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