Amy's Week In Style (31 Weeks)

I was getting so good at doing these every week! but its been so hectic here on the TSOP front I hope you haven't missed out too much. Now winter is really creeping up on us, it's all about the layering and big warm coats for me and my wardrobe and these would be the perfect additions!

Topshop Check Coat
You will find out in our next outfit post how much I am loving all the Celine inspired pieces out on the high street at the moment and I fell totally in love with this coat the moment I saw it! What a statement! 

Topshop Leather Front Jumper
Pale pink seems to be staying around for most of SS too so why not continue to invest? I love the PU contrast on this piece for texture rather than pattern for a sleeker centre piece

Topshop Fluffy Sequin Jumper
It's hard to tell in the photo but this extremely cute jumper has multi coloured sequins sewn into it for the perfect amount of glitz for the colder nights out 

Topshop Camo Dress
One of my favourite patterns p modernised with luxe fabrics and boxy shape. Perfect with a white collar and leather jacket in the day or with a grown up coat and barely heels at night. 

Topshop Boutique Charcoal Dress
Why do you keep doing this to me boutique! As soon as I get over my latest lusting you bring out and even better version of your classic dress. This weeks offering comes in the form of charcoal grey (sexy) and with the cross over detailing at the front. I don't know how good my will power will be with this one! 

Topshop Laddered Pop Sock
It's October so why not add a subtle bit of witchiness into your wardrobe? These are a cute way to get the Halloween vibe without over doing it

Topshop Andromeda Boots
After seeing these on the beautiful Frankie Sarah, I feel they are the perfect combo of my 2 favourite boots Avenger and Anchor for a wonderful collision of cut out and lace up.

Topshop Teddy Fur Pea Coat
It's pink and its fluffy and the fact I'd look like a care bear doesn't stop me from wanting it


  1. Okay the Tiopshop andromeda boots are too gorge
    S xx

  2. Loving the coats, fab set! xoxo

  3. I love these pastel pink coats, they are everywhere this season! So cute!

    Phaze x

  4. Anonymous13.10.13

    Love the topshop boots! xxx




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