New Hair, Don't Care - Amy

Live Color XXL in Purple Punk c/o Schwarzkopf

People presume that, as a blogger, I can talk fashion, hair and makeup but when it comes to the latter 2, I know diddly squat. I have never been particularly experimental with either and have stuck with the daily routine I have now since I was about 14 but that doesn't mean I've never wanted to try anything a bit different. I am a firm believer in trying anything once, so when we were asked to try out some coloured hair dye, I got a bit excited! Schwarzkopf have been the most reputable boxed brand ever since I can remember so despite being a little nervous about taking the plunge, I knew I was in safe hands. 

This particular dye is designed for lighter hair than mine but due to personal circumstances, I was unable to bleach my hair before applying the colour. There are alternatives for darker hair which I would love to try (here and here) but the thing that attracted me most to Purple Punk is that it is designed to last just 6-8 washes so if I was a little unsure, I knew it wouldn't take long to rectify - the perfect stepping stone for anyone, like me, dying their hair for the first time. I used two boxes for whole head coverage and application was incredibly easy, the whole process took under an hour from start to finish, How's that for a ultra quick make over?!

What do you think of this colour on me? I'm not going to lie, I wasn't expecting to like it this much! But it has definitely encouraged me to look past my boring brown and become a bit more playful with my locks.


  1. This colour is perfect and your hair is so shiny! Love it :)

    Maisy Meow | Fashion Blog

  2. Oh I just love this colour on you! xx

  3. LOVE the hair colour, looks great and suits you! xx


  4. This colour looks great on you! Not too bright but still makes a big impact. I just started dying my hair a couple of years ago and haven't looked back since. Hx

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