Zigazig Ah - Amy

Asos Zig Zag Jumper, Zara Geometric Trousers, Marc Jacobs Sunglasses c/o Red Hot Sunglasses, Next Faux Fur Bag, Clarks x Orla Kiely Dotty Shoes

It's no secret that I love a stripe but for AW we are literally shaking our stripes up a little! The zig zag seems to be all over the high street at the moment in seventies boho styles but it's carrying on into the new season too. I'm sorry to say I have already started on my new knitwear (even if it is August!) and this Zig Zag jumper from Asos is my absolute faveee - the colours are so fun but spot on for the chillier weather approaching and the modern/retro vibe slots in with the rest of my wardrobe perfectly

Not ever being content with just one jazzy pattern, I decided to go as bright as possible with yellow patterened trousers and bought it all the autumal texture with the faux fur bag and pony hair Orlas

Have you seen any zigzags that have spiked you attention this season?


  1. We love the jumper. Its true Zig zags are everywhere at the moment! x

  2. Bloody love this outfit, I NEED that jumper, absolutely loving zig-zag patterns at the moment!x

    Electra Violet ||

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