Some Kind Of Love - Naomi

c/o Feather Hearts 'Some Kind Of Love' Tee BUY HERE!, Topshop Khaki MA1 Bomber, Topshop Plastic Skirt, Primark Checked Shirt, Primark Earcuff, Primark Beanie, Homemade Fishnet Shorts, Topshop Aggro Boots, Ebay Diamond Sunglasses

Amy and myself love a fun slogan tee as they always come in handy for outfit builds
and layering. This one from Feather Hearts we absolutely fell In love with 
(literally!) As its simplicity but fun element allows us to dress it up or down
exactly how we want to. The Some Kind Of Love slogan with the love heart is super 
cute and we always find the shape and cut of them perfect for our styles. 
I decided to rock my tee in a grungy way and incorporate some of my favourite items
at the moment! The khaki bomber from Topshop is fricking amazing and I love the 
shape and fit of it I thought it looked great with the tee! The plastic skirt added
texture and depth to the outfit and of course is bang on trend, adding the fishnet 
shorts underneath created that street, urban cool and made it weather appropriate. 
The checked shirt round the waist gave the look a bit of print and finished it of 
nicely.Accessories kept simple as the look was so busy, I recently brought the ear
cuff from Primark and absolutely love it! It's perfect for the punk trends coming
through for AW and I think it was just enough for this outfit. The grey beanie 
picked out the grey in the checked shirt and made the 'head to toe' styling apparent.
Finished of with my killer Aggro boots which always add a statement. 
Be sure to check out Feather Hearts website HERE 


  1. love your style! and that skirt is seriously AMAZING, so rad.


  2. Thank you Hun!! I love the skirt too so OTT but so amazing!!

    Thanks for your lovely comment :-)

    Naomi x

  3. well that is one rocking look,,,,very daring. love your earrings


  4. Definately just bought the navy version of the bomber. Bloody LOVE xx

  5. That skirt is absolutely amazing
    s xx

  6. round of applause for the bomber x


  7. Love the way you style the jacket! I put it on my coat wishlist x


  8. Bombers are back hey girls!!! Glad you found this post useful for AW coat purchases! Every girl needs a transitional coat for autumn to winter and bombers are great for that to throw on with anything!

    Glad you enjoyed this one :-)

    Naomi xxx


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