LFW Day 1 - Friday 13th September

So yesterday we were lucky enough to go to LFW and we were totally overwhelmed by it all! We had tickets for Kilian Kerner and were invited to the New Look Refuel event so we couldn't wait to get there and see what it's all about! When we got of the underground at Temple we only made it 5 paces before getting stopped by Miss Guided and Company Magazine for street style shots which was totally amazing! 

The weather was awful so Amy and myself huddled under the umbrella as we made our way fo cover to the Hilton hotel to see the show. When queing for Kilian Kerner we had no idea of what to expect! As the doors opened onto this stunning room full of models draped in gowns and silk, glasses of champagne and the piano filling the grand room. It was absolutely stunning and we were so lucky to experience it. We took our photos and headed to the New Look refuel event to get pampered!

It was so nice to have a place to chill out, meet other bloggers and they had amazing things such as photobooths, smoothie stands, food and nail bars and previews of the New Look SS14 range. We also got a goody bag with a £50 voucher in! Lucky us! :-)

After refuelling and doing some social networking we headed out and braved the rain at Somerset House! It was mentalness... You walked in and are surrounded by photographers just like paparazzi! It was totally overwhelming and we felt so lucky that people wanted to take our photo. We met up with bloggers Arabella and the girls from London's Closet and realised that umbrellas were going to be our favourite accessory of the day! 

Despite the rain we were to busy talking, meeting amazing people and embracing the most amazing street style and LFW has to offer. London style is arguably the best in the world with such an eclectic, diverse mix of style in one place. We had a brilliant day and met some wonderful people. We definitely advise you all to go even just to hang around Somerset House and soak up the atmosphere. It was such an inspiration to us both. 


  1. I already told you on Instagram how much I like this outfit and I envy you! Hopefully I will attend Lfw next year and hopefully see you there xx


  2. Looks like you had great fun! I'm jealous, wish I could have gone! xx

  3. Looks like an amazing day! I couldn't come to the New Look event as I had to work, so gutted! You both look amazing!

  4. oh god you look perfect! love your style so much ah xo



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