Meadham Kirchoff For Topshop AW13

Shop online now at www.topshop.co.uk or in Oxford Circus/Selfridges store

Here at TSOP we love a good collaboration so when we heard Meadham Kichoff was doing a collection for Topshop we could only dream of the mad and eccentric outcome that is every girls dream. The collection is bright, cute and kitsch and reminds me of being about 5 and what I would dream of dressing up in! Well your dressing up box has come to a grown up reality, the collection called 'The Cherries' Is an 80 piece collection, including accessories such as bags, shoes and scarves. The collection is very cute and girly, but there are a lot of dark motifs as well, which makes it very unusual. Monsters, eyes and pentagrams are painted in cheerful bright colours and mixed with cherries, hearts and rainbows. Clothes are very daring and extravagant, but there is also a bit of trend in the form of printed jumpers, colured fur and vinyl jackets.

Here are our favourite TSOP pieces from the collection! Of course lots of coloured fur and gorgeous handmade crochet pieces.. Make sure you snap them up fast as they are selling like hot cakes!


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