Gambia Outfits - Naomi

If you haven't already seen my numerous posts on Instagram throughout the last week then here's some of my favourite outfits from Gambia! I got back yesterday from a week away and I am already missing the glorious sun, sea and amazing food! I love holiday and summer style as I can wear lots of bright colours and prints and layer up the jewellery. This last week I definitely went with the 'When In Africa' motto! 

For the day I usually go for a bohemian, ethnic vibe with kimonos being great to throw on over your bikini. My favourite pieces are my elephant batik top which is vintage from eBay and my oriental kimono which is from Love. I usually wear accessories either a hair accessory or a small statement earring and of course a very fitting pair of sunnies to look the ultimate beach babe! Go for a cute little bag, my fringing crochet one added to my bohemian vibes. As I was in Africa I thought I could wear all my favourite prints and wear them proud especially my favourite elephant prints! 

By night it was the same kind of deal but I went for my statement jewellery. The top left is my new addition to my wardrobe my traditional African gown which I think is just wonderful and a definite for next years festivals! I'm still absolutely loving my H&M matching skirt and top which is so easy to wear and I adore the bring and beading. I went for an Aztec clash on the bottom right which I think really embraced the African spirit! 

If your heading away for some winter sun I hope this has inspired you or if your not I hope you have enjoyed the print and colour I brought to my holidays this year! 


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  2. Fantastic blog!
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