Femme Fatale - Amy

Primark PU Biker Jacket, Topshop Oversized Grey Check Shirt, Topshop Boutique Jersey Dress, Primark Lace Cami, Primark Pink Fur Stole, Primark Jewel Necklace, Topshop Heart Patterned Tights, Topshop April Chelsea Boot

It was amazing to shoot with Naomi again! I was obviously a little over excited as I haven't had this many elements to an outfit in so long. 

Topshop have launched new trend 'Chateau Femme' and this outfit was based on the key pieces for this :) I am obsessed with this Topshop Boutique Jersey Dress at the moment! I've actually worn it backwards to make the most of the wrap over detail and its the pyjama influences from the trend that meant the silk and lace cami was perfect to go underneath. 

For a dressed up look with overly girly touches, I went for a light pink fur stole, jewel necklace and heart design tights but to tone it down into more of a day outfit, I went for a neutral coloured check shirt, leather jacket and flat black boots :) 

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  1. Love this little look on you
    S xx


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