Naomi Goes To Gambia

Hi everyone - hope England isn't to cold and wet! I just wanted to post some photos of my time in Gambia so you don't think I am ignoring you all! I will do some outfit posts from the week when I am home but for now here are some of my favourite shots - be sure to follow my personal Instagram @naomirowland for some more! The weather is around 35 degrees everyday and there are monkeys, peacocks and amazing tropical birds just casually hanging around the hotel! Gambia has been the 
perfect retreat from London life to completely relax and take in the most gorgeous surroundings! Yesterday we went the the local school in a near village which the photo with the little girl is from- I never wanted to leave! The children were so beautiful and caring, infact everyone here is! Us Londoners can definitely take some advice from all the friendly African people! That's all for now, sorry for the lack in outfit posts- they will come as soon as I get home! Naomi x 


  1. Anonymous9.11.13

    Ah this must be such an amazing experience!
    Lucia's Loves

  2. Looks absolutely beautiful! The little girl is adorable xx



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