Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Amy

Dorothy Perkins Leather Biker Jacket, Topshop Margate Stripe Playsuit, Topshop Sunglasses, Zara Pearl Choker, Primark Clutch, Zara Pink Slides

It took a millisecond to know I needed this playsuit in my life - and for once it wasn't just an impulse buy, I genuinely think I am in love with this piece of clothing. The colours are that perfect shade between bright and pastel, the stripes are vertical and not horizontal and the 2 piece effect makes this the easiest coord to wear, like, ever. 

The perfect match for those Zara slides that everyone is going crazy for (justifiably) and the black sole is the best excuse to grunge up this gorgeous girly piece with a leather and black nails. I chose the sickly sweet, slightly mismatched clutch to complete the look as this outfit pretty much reminds me of a screwball icecream with literally every e number ridden topping going with it - and that's exactly how I want this summer to feel!


  1. Replies
    1. Isn't it just wonderful! Love a summery playsuit :-) xxx

  2. This two piece is gorgeous x


  3. The colours you're wearing are amazing! I can only think about candy colours and sweeties, not so great when summer is so close! Love how you've styled it. I like to tone down something bright or extra girly with a tough looking leather jacket like you've done :) X


  4. I am in love with that playsuit! So perfect for summer and it looks great on you. Hx

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