Patch It Up - Amy

Primark PU Leather Biker, Topshop Crochet Patch Dress, Topshop Sunglasses, Name Necklace c/o Chelsea Doll, Boohoo Clutch, Topshop Anchor Boots

I have never hidden my extreme love for knitwear and however much I am enjoying this beautiful british summer we are having, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't finding a way to sneak it into my summer wardrobe. Gorgeous crochet dresses and crop tops are the ultimate way to give your outfits a textured, folky and vintage feel in this warmer weather especially since 'Granny Chic' is all over the high street at the moment and we are definitely both hooked ('scuse the pun).

I wish I could whip up my own unique creations but it's taken me 20 odd years to master basic knitting so whilst I'm getting going on some squares, I've had to find my treasures in stores. This is definitely one of those times where patience in vintage/charity shops will probably pay off but I seriously doubt I would have found a dress that matched my style so much. The shape and style of this Topshop dress has that amazing retro feel but the blocked colours give it a sleeker update.

This clutch looks like it was made especially for this outfit and the black detailing led me to rocking the look up with leather.

What do you think of the crochet craze?

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