ASOS FF Christmas Accessories Guide: Fur - Amy

Rose Gold Cami Dress c/o Motel Rocks, Leather Dress c/o Missguided, Boohoo Fedora, Faux Fur Scarf c/o Asos, Assymetric Boots c/o Missguided

This three-part 'Christmas Accessories Guide' is in association with Asos Fashion Finder. You can find the whole feature here

Photography by Greg Sutton

Woohoo! It's officially party season, possibly the best part about christmas, behind the food. But every year comes the same old dilemma of what to wear to all these do's! By the time we've got through work, family and friends, new outfits can become expensive business so we were asked by Asos Fashion Finder to show you wonderful lot how to spruce up some old outfits using new season accessories. We adore working with Stacey and the AsosFF team so naturally jumped at the challenge!

First off is the faux fur, a personal favourite and hero accessory of mine this Autumn/Winter. Fanasty Fur has been all over the high street recently and rightly so! Who doesn't love coloured fluff? This red patchwork collar from Asos has that perfect touch of that festive feel we're all after and will keep you warm on those freezing evenings.

Speaking of cold, I have taken layering up to a whole new level with this double dress combo, the perfect way to still look and feel sexy without catching pneumonia in the process (I am SUCH a mum!) Contrasting fabrics like this faux leather and crackled rose gold is the most effective way to do this and adds that sparkly luxe vibe so you are ready to par-tay. Throwing the scarf over over your party dress(es) adds glamour to your glitz.


  1. So in love with this faux fur girlies <3 xxx


  2. These photos look gorgeous! I love that scarf!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

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