Rock 'n' Roll - Amy

Look 1: Primark Black Roll Neck Jumper, Zara Stripe Dress, Topshop Black Rip Knee Jamie Jeans, Topman Beanie, RayBan Wayfarer, Rodnik Snoopy Bag c/o Urban Outfitters, Adidas Stan Smiths

Look 2: H&M Studio Black Blazer, Topshop White Fur Trim Skirt (Dress Version), Boohoo Black Clutch, Topshop Magnum Boots

If there is anything that has been a total hero piece in my wardrobe this AW it's the black roll neck. My H&M jersey number has served me well through the transitional stages but this thin knit black jumper is my new best friend. Simple yet versatile, this bad boy really does go with EVERYTHING so we thought we'd show you how we'd wear this dressed up and down.

During the day, it's all about wrapping up in lots of layerrrs. Dresses over jeans are fast becoming my go to at the mo (see here also) and this striped jersey dress is the best way to break up the solid black. Stan smiths and a beanie create a really relaxed and casual vibe for this outfit, perfect for a day of running errands, or that all important Christmas shopping!

Skip a few hours, and you can rely on your favourite piece to turn into the easiet evening outfit too by pairing it with a statement skirt (I went for fur trim, seasonal fave, but anything printed would work) and finished off with a smart jacket and black heeled boots

How would you rock your roll neck?


  1. LUUURRRVVVE look one and that Snoopy bag is on my wishlist for Christmas <3 xx


  2. Soooo beaut! Snoopy is the cutest x


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