Curious George - Naomi

c/o Boohoo Crochet Top & Burgundy Hat
Primark Clutch Bag, c/o Miss Guided Patent Boots
c/o Levis UK Shirt (Amy's) 

I'm a true believer in flower power all year long but of course when Spring comes around it feels so much nicer and fresh to sport those floral prints! I have been after for a wide leg pair of palazzo trousers for Spring and these from George at Asda are definitely my answer and only £14!

I styled them up with a denim shirt layered with my crochet long sleeved top and my suede cape of dreams that I wore for LFW. I wanted to bring out the red in the trousers so added my burgundy hat and bag for a bit of colour.  I like mixing suede with floral prints to give it that current 70s feel. 

How are you wearing florals this Spring? 


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