Trend Inspo: Occassion Wear

Now that Spring has finally sprung, it's time to get thinking about those all important outfits for the season ahead! Whether its a wedding, prom or just a full-on party you need to dress to impress this summer and the high street can get you sorted!

Ahh the end of exams, is there any greater feeling? and is there any better excuse to let your hair down?! Go for purse-friendly party wear (Asos are killing it!) and head out in slick monochrome for maximum impact! Mixing prints and playful clutches add in the full elements you need and a cute sock and sandal will definitely have you standing out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Older only means bolder and braver and College Prom is the perfect time to show some true colour! Go for classic shapes in modern prints when it comes to your dress and then mix up retro and on-trend pieces to finish off. Tatty Devine are the Gods of statement neckwear so you're sure to find something original you can keep hold of forever.

White to a wedding is usually a big no-no but if you know how to do it right, it can look fab! Try to go for shift style dresses for weddings, smart and sophisticated but not too dressy and always go for a print! Add pops of colour in with accessories and don't be afraid of a sequin of two! Finish off with a pastel biker for a stylish alternative to the classic (mumsy!) jacket

Any get together can be used as an excuse to get glammed up and BBQs are no exception. A pretty playsuit is the definition of smart casj and a great central piece to build the rest of your outfit around. Yellows, oranges and tans are our favourite colour palettes and work so well in summer evenings.  

Where are you off to this summer? Be sure to show us your occasion wear outfits at @twoshoesonepair


  1. The blue suede H&M jacket is the dream isn't it? Love your style picks and can't believe I've only just discovered this blog (thanks to Twitter!) Now following :)


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