Stage Coach - Amy

Dorothy Perkins Leather Jacket, Topshop Teddy Fur Jumper, H&M Stripe Trousers, Ray Ban Clubmasters, Asos Neck Tie, Daniel Footwear Boots

Since when did Coach become cool? Some of our favourite pieces from New York were the shearling and leather beauties included in their AW15 collection and couldn't wait to give it a whirl.

This collection was all about the edgy textures so a leather biker seemed key to begin with and the teddy fur complimented it nicely. Of course, I added my own staple white collar and then the neck tie to add in one of SS15's biggest trends too. I am loving the little bandanas around at the moment as a cute and more casual alternative to the statement necklace.

These incredible silky trousers were the perfect statement piece for the outfit with the neutral colour palette and softer texture against the top half. Stripes also seemed the perfect print to add into this masculine ensemble. I seriously cannot stop wearing these pointed suede boots from Daniel, they are just so bloody comfy and go with EVERYTHING and finished this whole outfit off perfectly.

What do you think of Coach's AW15 collection? I'll certainly be getting the pin badges out in time next season too! Bring back biker chic.

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