Wimbledon Whites - Naomi

H&M Grid White Blazer, H&M White Shirt Dress, H&M Chain, Zara Holographic Clutch, Topshop Reflect Sandals, Ebay Sunglasses

Fashion and style are influenced heavily by everything going on around us- the queens jubilee influenced tea party trends to saw across the high street and Wimbledon is no different with 'Wimbledon Whites' being the unwritten fashionistas order of play this year!

Maybe not the most practical colour for sitting on Henman Hill and eating strawberries and cream but all white dressing looks clean, premium and slick and perfect for that tailored look for Wimbledon. I am going tomorrow and have been playing around with outfits since seeing various Wimbledon Whites post over the last week and felt it was the right way to go... It's not only Murray that has a tonal dress code to stick to!

Let's talk white! Pay way was on Friday which means I have new sparkly items to play with. I love this blazer from H&M the grid print was something Topshop heavily brought into over AW12 and I think it's so wearable and easy to mix up with other monochrome prints. Yes it has black on it but I think this adds a little bit of detail and interest to a tonal look and I wore Black Sandals to balance the black. Underneath the blazer I wore a H&M white shirt dress which was in the sale for £7 a very easy piece to wear and i'm sure it will come in handy. The dress looks great under the blazer with a skinny belt. I went for silvery accessories adding this amazing holographic clutch from Zara which I spotted on a few blogs recently and fell in love with! Statement clutch bags are perfect for clean looks like this and add some interest. Finally finishing off with a chunky silver chain, adding these simple current accessories make the look feel younger and cooler. What do you guys think of all white dressing? 

Even if you aren't going to Wimbledon this year- rock white this week in true style spirit!


  1. Cute outfit, love how you've styled Wimbledon Whites!! That holographic clutch is gorgeous too! x

  2. Definitely one of my favourite outfits
    In love!
    S xx

  3. Great combination of all apparel specially I like your shoes because it's pattern and design is superb.

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