Club Tropicana - Amy

Lazy Oaf Fruit Tee, Topshop Scallop Peter Pan Collar Polka Dot Dress, Topshop Sunglasses, Topshop Belt, Vintage Bag via Notting Hill Market, Topshop Pop Socks, Topshop Anchor Boots

There's nothing wrong with taking a little inspiration for your wardrobe from the things around you and one of my favourite things about summer is pigging out on fresh fruit! 

This cropped, oversized  tee from Lazy Oaf is bursting with colour and fun, perfect for any hot summers day. I couldn't resist layering over a cute polka dot summers dress to brighten it up a bit but stuck with traditional Amy black leather accessories. 

These pop socks are a god send in the summer as they re thin enough to use as a fashion statement with cut out boots in the heat without your feet getting too hot and gross. I chose to pull the yellow out of the tee to keep the outfit extra summery!


  1. I am really impressed.

  2. My god this is amazing! I love that top so much and i need it in my closet for sure! You combined everything perfectly, as always xx


  3. Love love love your outfit xxx

  4. Love this layered look, and your socks add such a fun touch! xx


  5. This is the cutest little crop
    S xx

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