Let All The Children Boogie - Amy

Primark PU Biker, Topshop Boutique Silk Floral Dress, Topshop Circular Sunglasses, Freedom at Topshop Necklace, Primark Socks, Topshop Anchor Cut Out Boots

If there is any change I have noticed in myself since finding out about my impending motherhood (other than my finally visible baby bump!) it's my new found love for Topshop Boutique. I have always been Topshop's biggest fan but my new hunt for maternity wear has proved to me that their actual maternity range is, quite frankly, terrible and where my wardrobe needs have changed, Boutique has really stepped up to the mark. Rather than spending money on clothes that can only be worn whilst pregnant, I would suggest to any mothers-to-be to invest in and treat themselves to those more expensive pieces while they still can, that actually flatter you and bump, are actually sleek and stylish and not very 'mumsy' and best of all, form a perfect basis for your post-pregnancy wardrobe.

Not only is this statement dress beautiful, it is elasticated in the exact place for it to be flattering through my second trimester and will have no fear getting it out next spring when I am ready to go get out and feel fabulous again. I adore the shape so much and have so much faith in its classic shape and fabric that I'm finding it very hard not to buy the black and burgundy versions too. 

The floral pattern of this dress is enough to do most of the talking for the outfit so I have kept all other elements to the outfit very simple sticking to black leather, silver detailing and socks that tone in perfectly.


  1. I love this dress mixed with the blue socks!! <3
    i found and follow you on instagram!!

  2. I love the necklace, been looking for something similar for a long time. You look beautiful in that dress and you are so true. Maternity clothes should be versatile which can be worn even after the pregnancy.

    Naaj xx

  3. Love the outfit! Dress is beaut! X


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