New Kids On The Block - Amy

Vintage Red Leather Bomber via Rokit, Ashish for Topshop T-shirt, Topshop Sheer Leopard Print Dress, Urban Outfitters Daisy Beanie, Primark Clutch, Topshop Aubrey Boots

The high street has been bombarded recently with product heavily influenced by one woman, and that one woman is Rita Ora. Shops and shoppers alike cannot seem to get enough of her and her style and is probably one of the most popularised 'looks' around this Spring (please bare in mind, I live in Stratford) With so many people taking an interest in this 'Urban Street-wear' trend it would be rude not to see what all the fuss is about and show you how you can achieve the basis of this trend without feeling the need to go out in a bralet, leggings and air max which is most definitely not for me either.

When it comes to sporty, slogan tees (key for this look), I can't help but automatically think of Ashish. This tee is one from one many of his Topshop collaborations. The grey boxy shape compliments the girly sheer dress perfectly for me, even if bodycon shapes are preferred. The bomber is also key - this over sized red offering is from Rokit a long time ago, but never fails when I need a more casual statement piece. I finished the look off with a playful beanie to stick with the trend, and a clutch to not (bumbags, leather rucksacks etc) but feel the outfit has the right vibe without wavering too far from my own personal style :)


  1. Jacket is absolutely gorgeous
    s xx

  2. This look is really nice!
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  3. Gorgeous jacket and I love how it looks with the dress too. You look stunning!
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