New Kids On The Block - Naomi

Topshop Neon Beanie, H&M Gold Chain, Boohoo Boutique Monochrome Jacket, Primark Varsity Top, Boutique Black Clutch, Topshop Geometric Leggings, Choies Cut Out Boots 

 Lets talk Rita Ora.... Her style has influenced girls around the world and even influenced and coming trends to take the more 'urban' approach. Starting of with the season ahead which we can all take a leaf out of Rita Ora's wardrobe in the new updated sports trend. Think bodycon, varsity/slogans, aztec/graphic prints, leopard print, red leather, bomber jackets, bralets, mesh panels and of course beanies. Mix them up for a sporty urban feel!

This is one trend I will be taking inspiration from but of course staying true to myself and adapting! I went for a monochrome look with the key varsity and geometric prints making it feel sporty and the Boohoo boutique jacket made it feel more dressed up. I am like Mr T when it comes to jewellery so found no problem piling on the gold chains! I accessorised the look with a neon beanie to add a pop of colour and black premium clutch. Lastly my brand new cut out boots from Choies which are A-mazing and great value for money. With the more casual sporty trends I like to wear a mix of casual and premium pieces to make it me! How will you be influenced by Rita Ora this season?


  1. You look amazing in everything Naomi xx

  2. Like every peace that you are wearing! Great job! :)

  3. Love the look!
    Especially the leggings
    S xx

  4. Love the look!! Your shirt is great!! :D



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