Punk's Not Dead - Amy

Vintage Check Shirt via Rokit, Topshop Pearl Crop Top, Topshop Boutique Silk Shorts, Topshop Lace Trim Cycling Shorts, Topshop Belt, Anne Summers Fish Net Tights, Topshop Aubrey Boots

I never, ever thought I'd say that I have used (current day) Madonna as fashion inspiration - but that just goes to show that inspiration appears in the strangest of places! It was hard not to take inspiration from the punk theme Met Ball a couple of weeks ago as the star studded bash was full of incredible and unlikely outfits and there is nothing I like more than seeing people push their boundaries with their wardrobes and get involved in a theme even if it isn't necessarily they're signature style.

This is definitely not an outfit that I would wear to a ball, punk themed or not, but the idea was to have a more glamorous take on grunge. I've been looking for an excuse to blog last Christmas's 'it' top from Topshop, but with a more updated/non seasonal look and this seemed perfect. I've worn the shirt over the top (tucked the collar in so it looks cleaner and less casual) and belted it with a leather belt so it gives me a figure, rather than open and oversized, which again, looks more grown up.

I chose to keep the rest of my outfit solid black, as to not distract from the gorgeous pearls or the punk element of the check, so decided to play with textures rather than pattern, colour or print. The silk shorts tie in with the more glamorous feel to the outfit and combined with the lace trim cycling shorts (underneath) and the fish nets definitely says sexy rather than scary. No outfit of mine is complete without a black boot, so I chose my black cut out Aubrey to tie in with the gold buckle of the belt.

Who was your 'Best Dressed' from the Met Ball? 


  1. That's a lovely pearl top and i liked the way you styled your outfit :)


  2. really like how this outfit was styled~
    very cool and chic.


  3. Love how you've styled the pearl crop
    S xx


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