Jean Genie - Naomi

Frock On Vintage High Waisted Jeans, H&M Leather Fringe Jacket, Ebay Vintage Aztec Vest, Vintage Black Belt, Topshop Adonis Cut Out Boot

Apart from denim shorts jeans are an area I have never got into. I don't like to show of my legs so I opt in for skirts and dresses and opt out for un attractive sausage legs! Another reason being I like dressing up and jeans always make me feel casual unless its a high waisted short on a night out when it's suited. 

Everyone has gone wild for the new high waisted and vintage style jean this year and with Topshop bringing out 'Mom' and 'Joni' they have flown of the shelves and replaced every girls skinny in a denim overhaul this summer. Nothing's worse than a standard skinny jean and crop top so the high waisted jean has made me feel at ease, knowing girls can now wear the high waisted jean and crop top and not make the fashion disaster we all hate. 

 I will be buying a pair of vintage style high waisted jean this summer as they are the most flattering for me with a wider leg and super high waist I feel super confident showing off my best part- my waist. They are so versatile, good to wear all year and to be dressed up or down.

These jeans are arguably my best vintage find yet and I was super excited to shoot them for the blog. Brought from my friend Pam Cheema who owns 'Frock On Vintage' I'm sure she will Agree a jean like this is rare! Shop Frock On here: www.frockonvintage.co.uk

I love the bronze disc coins attached to the front and the aztec panelling down the sides, everything about them make me swoon. They are perfect for the summmer and festival season. Here I wore them how I usually wear them with a bright vintage aztec top and my fringe leather jacket. Finished of with a belt and black chunky cut out boots. 


  1. Love the whole look
    Especially the jacket!
    S xx

  2. i REALLY love this look!


  3. gorgeous outfit :3

  4. Great outfit!
    Please,tell me what lipstick/name & number u have? Colour it's gorgeous!:*


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