Back To Black - Amy

Primark PU Biker, Topshop Paisley Lace Roll Neck Crop Top, Topshop Floral  Peter Pan Collar Dress, Topshop Lace Trim Cycling Shorts, Topshop Amelie Boot

So this summer is meant to be all about lace! crops, dress, skater skirts, inserts - you name it, it's got a lace version, but it's summer so surely it's all about the pastels, whites and creams? Well when the weather decides it's not the winter anymore, I will start dressing like it, so until then, let's play with black.

This lace crop was one of my best purchases of AW and I cannot wait to wear it without anything underneath it in the warmer weather! The paisley lace design is definitely more suited to me than your traditional lace yet still feels girly. Because the lace isn't a floral, I decided to throw it over a summery patterned dress. The crop really compliments the smock shape as it gives me a bit more of a figure than it would usually do and I toughened the look up with a biker and studded boots.

The thing I most love about this outfit is that it's on trend without being too seasonal - you can literally tailor this outfit to every weather which in this country, is probably the most practical fashion statement you can have!


  1. I love that lace top and that leather jacket :)

  2. I love the lace top layered over the dress!

  3. Love this look
    Especially the layering
    S xx

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