Amy's Week In Style

Spring has most definitely sprung at long last and the only thing the sunshine is making me want more than a strawberry kopperburg is new summery pieces in my wardrobe! Here is what I'm loving this week:

J W Anderson Jumper
Bauhaus print, colour blocking and pastel colours - how many trends do you want to get in this amazing jumper? Perfect for this transitional weather, this would look gorgeous over pretty much everything and if I won the lottery (sigh) this is probably the first thing I'd go out and purchase

Topshop Polka Dot Dress
So I loved the cropped shirt that came out in this fabric but I think I'm in love with this shirt dress even more! Again, so many layering options (which is essential as we don't know how long this warm spell will last!) and could we worn under a cropped jumper, over a long sleeve lace top or unbuttoned and used over another dress

Topshop Ramble Sandal
I am still desperate for a pair of summer shoes! I know it is unlike me to branch away from a black boot but there is something about these that makes me need them!

Topshop Striped Crop Top
The perfect summer basic. It says it is knitted? It's definitely a thicker material (again, wonderful for uncertain weather forecasts) but it's not really a knit. I can see this getting so much wear

Topshop Freedom Floral Necklace
You can't do summer without a good floral and you can't do a girly outfit without a statement necklace so two birds, one stone with this beautiful piece

Asos Clutch
Barely there sandals and a clutch? I am definitely growing up this summer! The pastel shades in this bag are the perfect compliment to any sun dress, during the day or night

Topshop Striped Bikini
We all know vertical stripes are flattering and we all need a little confidence boost when baring all for a tan top up! I love the motel-esque feel to this one and would definitely want to parade around in it in cats eye sunglasses for some beach glamour

Topshop Pink Beanie
I am loving all these pastel shade beanies out at the moment to give that spring vibe to literally any outfit

Topshop Astrix Boots
It's taken a while for me to really get on the Astrix band wagon but I have caved and have fallen head over heels in love with this mustard version and at £40 can you really go wrong? Even though mustard is more traditionally an Autumnal colour, match these with some pastels, bleach denim or summery florals and summer will stay around forever

Topshop Freedon Flying Horse Necklace
As if I need to explain. Amazing.


  1. Okay i think i want everything you've put!!
    Absolutely amazing
    S xx

  2. I love the boots. Love.


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