The Clash - Amy

H&M Crop Jumper, Topshop Aztec Jacquard Shirt, Topshop Leather Shorts, Topshop Glitter Ankle Socks, Topshop Anchor Boots, Primark Spike Necklace, Barry M Lipstick

If any outfit was going to represent me and my life right now it's this one! A bit of a mish-mash. I'm currently in the process of moving house at the moment and the lack clothes I have access too is killing me!

This is definitely a good enough reason to have bought this incredible shirt (not that I needed one) which was featured in my wishlist this week! I still can't get over how amazing it actually is! And seeing as I needed to share it with you all straight away, it's just another excuse to show you just how versatile this season's aztec prints can be.

Being such a magnificent centre piece for any outfit, when finding an entire outfit to go with this shirt it is all about striking the balance between creating that wow factor with all the pieces combined, yet not taking the attention off of your main piece so to start, I turned to my trusty high waisted, zip up leather shorts. The shape works perfectly with the boxy shirt and the leather texture compliments the jacquard perfectly for a more premium look and creates an impact without being overly loud!

However, I love a bit of loud, so couldn't resist throwing this H&M crop jumper over the top of it to go outside! The crop hem means you don't lose too much of the shirt and the slightly more toned down colours in the jumper tones down the whole look so the clashing doesn't get too crazy! The socks pick up the colour in the shirt perfectly and I went for red lips for another pop of colour.

Seeing as I said in 'Welcome To The Jungle', that I'd previously gone off aztec a bit, it's safe to say it is definitely finding a place in my wardrobe once again, just in a less playful way.

Are you afraid to try clashing prints? and if so, why? If you are what you wear, I must be going crazy but you know what? I love it

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