East Meets West - Amy

Topshop Shanghai Chiffon Shirt, Topshop Paisley Lace Roll Neck Crop Top, Topshop Embroidered Hem Shorts, Topshop Glitter Ankle Socks, Topshop Aubrey Boots, Primark Spike Necklace, Revlon Lips in Wild Orchid

Naturally, when I saw Oriental inspired patterns, fabrics and shapes would be the next big thing, I squealed in horror. I can definitely appreciate the beauty in these pieces and can see why this trend is going to be huge but it's certainly not something anyone would automatically think was right for me and my style, however, this is probably one of my favourite shoots we've done!

Rather than mixing many key pieces for this trend (traditionally how it should be worn), I decided I wanted to have just one stand out piece to base my outfit on, so all the other elements could be a bit more Amy-ish. This gorgeous shirt is from a couple of Summer's ago, and its bolder oriental floral print is definitely more suited to me than the newer pieces coming through. I chose the shorts to go with this piece to bring out the purple from the floral, the tight fitting style to compliment the oversized shape of the blouse, and the embroidered hem to add another dainty detail to the outfit. I added the Paisley Lace Crop Top to add yet another dimension to this outfit for texture and to mix another print in.

Glittery socks and metallics in general go perfectly with this trend, and what better for me to team them with than a.. chunky black boot! The amazing gold buckles work perfectly with the necklace for a good pop of statement gold.

What do you think about the new oriental pieces coming through? If you need any more persuading, visit Topshop Oxford Circus, Westfield (both!), Knightsbridge or Marble Arch and be inspired by some amazing East Meets West styling, but don't get distracted by the Zebras, which are equally as amazing :)

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