Smells Like Teen Spirit- Naomi

Topshop Kate Moss Leather Jacket, Topshop Tiger Vest, Topshop Lace Slip, Topman Checked Shirt, Ebay Beanie, Primark Fishnet Socks, Topshop Adonis Boots  

I heard something very exciting this week in the fashion world.... Grunge is back with a bang! Every girl loves the excuse to be casual and with the 90s influence prominent this look is always making a come back in one way or another. You will all pleased to hear that you can all rock your favourite trainers and ripped denim this summer and still be on trend.  

 Think motifs, leather, denim, summer knitwear, checks, cut out chunky boots and a beanie- layer it all up for a super cool out of bed look. This is a look we can all achieve with pieces from our wardrobes and without spending an arm and a leg. Add the little details like a checked shirt round the waist or layered under a leather (raid your boyfriends wardrobe!) and for that ultra cool summer feel throw on your sunnies! 

 In this look I went for Clever layering. I have been wanting to wear this lace slip for a while now and when I pulled this outfit it felt so right for grunge. I layered my vintage ripped denim shorts underneath which I love the fact you can see the fraying through the lace. The softness of the lace against the hardness of the ripped denim is exactly what makes this look 'Naomi's way to wear grunge' A really old Topshop motif tiger vest which looks great under a leather (I'm sure you all have similar motifs!) and finished of with a checked shirt round the waist. Don't forget the little details- the fishnet socks add detail to my feet and look great with cut out boots and a black small beanie all brought cheaply from Primark and Ebay! So go ahead and embrace you inner 90's child this summer and send your wardrobe to grunge rehab! 


  1. i like your jacket!

  2. love this look and love that we find each oter I was punk in youth))) And I followed you on blogloving and thanks for following me but I realy be on blogloving and Like to follow in blog to see new posts now I don`t see the followers pannel and followe all where find to have oportunity to see new posts funned you on Lookbook and thanks for following my blog!
    Grate look and I love this whire skirt!

  3. OH MY GOD! This is perfect! I don't know which piece I fancy more! Everything goes so perfectly together and it's so fierce! You are amazing girl! xx


  4. Anonymous15.4.13

    awesome look :)


  5. LOVE this look
    S xx

  6. Found your blog through Lookbook and I love your looks so much! :) You really inspire me! :)

    1. Thank you! This is one of my favourite looks it was so fun to shoot! I'm glad that we can inspire you aswell as it makes doing the blog worth while :-) xxxx


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